09.06.16 - 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster Concept

A New Mercedes-AMG to be Excited About

In Mercedes by CQ Livingston

Mercedes-Benz partnered with AMG several years ago and the marriage has been everything you could hope it to be. The magnificent way AMG adds power, more agility and turns most of the Mercedes-Benz models in to amazing racing machines that are still able to be driven on the road is amazing. Of course it’s not as tall a task when the base product you start with is sleek, stylish and built to be some of the most luxury laden vehicles on the market today. With both sides contributing we get to benefit from the fantastic vehicles that are produced by this collaboration.

Recently spy shots were taken of the new Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster testing. Typically when these shots are taken its months before we ever see these cars on the stage at any auto show, but Mercedes-Benz expects to be able to show off the new Roadster at the Paris Motor Show in September. Maybe these new spy shots were taken during some final testing because the timing suggests this car is ready to show off and will certainly delight us as another sleek and elegant road and track ready sports car from the pairing.

The expectation is this new GT Roadster will become the entry level model of the sports car lineup from Mercedes-Benz. In fact the plan is to see the new GT C trim as well which is what the photographers caught in the spy shots. The GT C is still a bit of an enigma, not having a specific spot in the lineup just yet, but it is expected to be somewhere between the Roadster and the GT S if the normal Mercedes-Benz nomenclature is to hold true. This also makes us wonder where the GT C will be in relation to the GT R which has some special features on it.

Will the GT C have the same special equipment as the GT R? that’s yet to be seen, but it will be easily obvious once we get to see it live. The special equipment that’s present on the GT R include performance items such as the wider track and an upgraded suspension which are made to offer us an impressive vehicle that can handle any curves on the road and tear up the track with ease. If the GT C has this same menu of features this will be a fearsome foursome of GT sports cars from Mercedes-Benz that will be hard to beat.

If the GT Roadster is ready for the Paris Motor Show and it’s a car you’re considering as your next purchase you might want to get your payments ready. This car could be on the market as early as the middle of 2017 for you to buy and be a roadster that offers the most serious fun on the road and at the track. Is the Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster the right car for you? I think it’s safe to say it will offer excitement and should be watched when it debuts.