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California Continues to be Aggressive Toward EVs

In General by CQ Livingston

The goal of California is to get to time when every new vehicle sold in the state is one that produces zero emissions. This means more EVs and more hybrids need to be purchased to make this happen. Right now new legislation is being proposed to require a minimum of 15 percent of the new vehicles sold in the state …

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Upgrade Your Old Car on a Budget

In General by Carl Durrek

The craze of adding more stuff to an old car just to make it much better than it was has been part of the landscape of the automotive industry for decades. The question isn’t as much of what can you add to your old car but what should you add to the car? When you have an old F-body car …

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2017 Toyota Camry: The Reliability You Want

In Toyota by Lauren Gailli

We’ve seen the Camry parked on every street corner, parking lot and in every neighborhood in America. For some reason we love this car and it’s been a top seller for many years. For 2017 the Camry celebrates its 35th year on the market and is the car that we turn to more often than any other. This isn’t because …

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What Cars Receive the Most Tickets?

In General by Blaine Traber

The old advice given that was passed down for many years was to avoid purchasing a red car or a sports car because they were the most ticketed and the most expensive to insure. While you would expect sports cars to have the most tickets issued, that old advice doesn’t really hold water when you look at the list of …

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You have to Spend Money to Make Money

In Tesla by Nathan Ehinger

That’s how the old saying goes and it’s true in nearly every industry. In order to offer a product to the world that will be followed, purchased and talked about in a variety of ways you need to spend some money in order to rebuild the capital spent and eventually turn a profit.

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A New Mercedes-AMG to be Excited About

In Mercedes by CQ Livingston

Mercedes-Benz partnered with AMG several years ago and the marriage has been everything you could hope it to be. The magnificent way AMG adds power, more agility and turns most of the Mercedes-Benz models in to amazing racing machines that are still able to be driven on the road is amazing. Of course it’s not as tall a task when …

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2017 Acura MDX: Topping the Charts

In Acura by Carl Durrek

When it comes to the three row luxury SUVs there is one name that rings the register more than any other. That name belongs to the Acura MDX which has stood for versatility, reliability and value for several years to be the one SUV that more people want to drive. As a longstanding symbol of quality and precision the MDX …