08.10.16 - 2016 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

More Work For Hyundai

In Hyundai by CQ Livingston

Don’t you hate it when you make more work for yourself? It’s great to begin to use a new system to learn how the system works or figure out what makes it the “latest and greatest” thing to come to market, but when you do it to yourself it can be downright frustrating. I’m not sure if Hyundai is really feeling the frustration at this time as they work to launch their new luxury line under the Genesis brand name which will have several great offerings for us to admire and enjoy.

The new Genesis name is going to be the luxury badge for Hyundai. This is a natural movement and is similar to what Nissan, Toyota and Honda have all done in the past in order to expand their reach and offer luxury models to those of us who want them. Until now, the Hyundai name has carried the Genesis model lineup with pride as some of the best cars on the dealership lots, but as the name became bigger and better it became more necessary for these cars to become a brand of their own and be the first Korean luxury name in the US.

Unfortunately we can’t expect Genesis to take on all the models that wore the name previously. It’s time for Genesis to build a name and reputation of being a luxury name of its own and one model won’t make the cut as Genesis begins to be offered in the US in 2017. That name is the Genesis Coupe which has been one of the most popular Hyundai models on the market over the past seven years. As of right now, even when the brand is unveiled for 2017 the Coupe won’t be part of the offering.

What does this mean for Hyundai? It means they have a huge hole I their lineup as they now don’t have a traditional sporty offering to give us. That, is actually the more work they’ve given themselves. Now that the Genesis Coupe will end with the 2016 model and Genesis is being launched next year, it’s time for Hyundai to get to work developing what will be the next great sports coupe for the brand in order to have an amazing car for us to admire and enjoy on any road. While we haven’t heard any word that Hyundai is already working on this, I hope they don’t wait until they realize there’s a hole in the lineup before they get to work on a new sports coupe.

What does it mean for Genesis? Right now it only means Genesis will have to develop their own luxury coupe. For 2017 we know there will be a G80 midsize sedan and a g90 full-size sedan offered from Genesis and plans are already in place for the compact G70 sedan and two crossover SUVs that will carry the name as well. A sixth vehicle is expected and that will be the next version of the Coupe which will round out the lineup from Genesis with a healthy set of vehicles for us to admire.

What does this mean for us on our market? If you want a Genesis Coupe, now is the time to buy them. These coupes won’t be back next year, there won’t be a next generation and if Hyundai does decide to bring in a sports coupe in the future it will certainly carry on with a different name than Genesis. We should expect to have the new Genesis Coupe model in a few years but it also might not have that name as the Genesis brand is mimicking that of the German automakers with simple letters and numbers.

Hyundai is expanding and creating a luxury brand from one of the most successful models it’s had on the market, the Genesis. Even though they have begun this expansion and we will see this come to life next year, they certainly did create much more work for themselves which we will get to benefit from in the future. Imagine, there might be two sports coupes from Hyundai, one the Genesis model and the other based off that model but with the Hyundai name and styling.