07.16.16 - Google Maps

Summer Travel Just Got Easier

In Technology by Jesseb Shiloh

Google Maps is one of the most trusted navigation apps used in the world and for the most part we trust it implicitly to give us accurate directions to anywhere we need to go. Google has made this feature of their programming about as useful as it can be since you can find restaurants and locations of interest along your path as well as choose the mode of travel you’ll be using during your route. As we enter the summer travel season and more families prepare to head out on vacation Google has added two new features to the Google Maps app for us to enjoy and utilize.

When you travel to an area that isn’t familiar to you there is a need to be able to move from one location to another with ease. Previously using Google Maps meant you could only have one destination input for your trip, but now they have added a feature that allows you to input multiple locations in the app and make stops at different locations without the need to input a destination again. This can be extremely useful when planning trips that involve multiple stops along the way so that you can have a more realistic time for arrival somewhere or know that once you get to one destination the next one is a specific distance and time away.

The next feature that has been added is a Location History upgrade that allows you to open your Timeline and select a date to add some notes to. This can be great for you to add notes from your vacation, business meetings or other times in your life when you travelled a certain way. If the trip took longer than usual because of backed up traffic and accidents you could notate that this route may not be a good one to take on a Friday afternoon the next time you travel. Of course if the opposite is true and the ride is smooth and enjoyable you can notate that as well giving you information that might help the next time you plan your route.

These new features are already available for Android devices and should update automatically to give those with an Android device the added functionality they desire. Those who have an iOS platform will be able to take advantage of these features soon so that the summer travel season can be enjoyed by all.

Is it time for you to take a road trip? Now you can map out the whole trip with Google Maps and even add the notes you want to keep for the journey to your Timeline. Google has made this part of mobility more functional and fun for you to enjoy the most trusted navigation app in a way you never have before. Map it out and have a great journey across the country, across another continent, or just around a destination you’ve always wanted to visit with your family and friends.