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Revisiting an Airbag Recall

In General by Carl Durrek

The Takata airbag recall has been industry wide and has caused millions of vehicles to be recalled due to these faulty airbags. This recall has cost the company millions of dollars already to repair or replace the affected airbags and it seems the recall continues to rack up numbers of vehicles that need to address this problem. Even in vehicles …

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Absurdity for Good Deeds

In Offbeat by Blaine Traber

Have you ever been the first to an emergency scene? This is when our “fight or flight” instincts kick in and if you have the fight instinct in you it’s likely you will jump into the scene and help any way you can. Whether you are the first to an overturned car, a person on the side of the road …

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The Back and Forth of the Tesla Model 3

In Tesla by Rocco Penn

Whenever an automaker presents us with a new and exciting model we expect them to be able to make good on all they are offering on stage. Because of this, experienced CEOs have learned not to promise more than they know for sure will be included with a vehicle. Because Elon Musk is a bit of a new car company …

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Summer Travel Just Got Easier

In Technology by Jesseb Shiloh

Google Maps is one of the most trusted navigation apps used in the world and for the most part we trust it implicitly to give us accurate directions to anywhere we need to go. Google has made this feature of their programming about as useful as it can be since you can find restaurants and locations of interest along your …

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Add This to the Recall List

In Ford, Safety by CQ Livingston

The list of vehicles being recalled for a variety of safety issues continues to grow as Ford announces a new recall that will affect more than 8,500 vehicles. While this does sound like a small number considering the massive number of vehicles that have been recalled due to the air bag issue, these recalls are safety related and need to …

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A Technological Farming Solution

In Technology by Lauren Gailli

Over the past few years we have all become familiar with Uber and other ride sharing sites that allow us to hail a car with our smartphones as simply as you would a cab. These sites offer us a car and driver that will take us where we need to go for a specific price, making the need of car …

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Trucks that are Cars and Cars that are Trucks

In General by Nathan Ehinger

The idea of a pickup made from a car body isn’t a new one and when the Honda Ridgeline launched in 2005 it was actually one of the first times we saw a build of this nature that was more truck than car. What we want is a vehicle that drives like a car but gives us the capability of …