06.14.16 - 2007 Toyota Tundra

Reliability and Dependability in the Perfect Form

In Toyota by Carl Durrek

Toyota is not only the largest automaker in the world but it’s the one at the top of the list when it comes to being considered reliable and dependable on the road. We all trust this brand to carry these aspects to the market and be the brand we can trust, but often we don’t see actual proof that the models from Toyota can carry on for us. Now Toyota has a wonderful example of both of these aspects of the vehicles on the market to ensure we can see that Toyota continues to be the brand we want to enjoy.

Recently an example of both aspects came to light as Victor Sheppard drove is 2007 Toyota Tundra to the total mileage of one million miles. This is absolutely amazing and not only has most of us admiring the truck for being such a wonderful example of perfection on the road, but even the engineers at Toyota want a look at this great truck and what has happened to make this truck able to go this long distance. In exchange for being able to comb over and learn from this one Tundra, Toyota gave Victor a brand new 2016 Toyota Tundra to put another one million miles on.

This Tundra will teach many of the engineers what is needed to have this type of longevity on the market. This was the first Tundra of its kind that was assembles in the San Antonio, Texas plant and it has averaged 125,000 miles a year driving the long trips to and from work each and every day. Victor has depended upon his Tundra to be the right vehicle to get the job done for him and has enjoyed this truck for nearly a decade with very little issues during the entire time.

Toyota plans to take this truck apart carefully to learn all they can about this Tundra. Victor had this truck serviced 117 times over the last eight years at the dealership where he bought it, taking care of all the new maintenance needed and the various things that had to be done to keep the truck running for so long. Victor is proud of this truck and how it has performed for him. He says the seats and interior look like new except for the cleanliness and the body has only gotten a few small dents.

This Tundra will certainly tell a story, but if nothing else this truck will certainly act as a great example of the reliability and dependability that is such a huge part of the Toyota name. Toyota is the largest manufacturer of cars in the world and they have always been considered to be cars that are great to own especially when they want something they can count on. According to Victor Sheppard you can certainly count on the Tundra and as Toyota engineers look and see how this truck was able to go so far as they study the engine, powertrain and all the parts of this awesome truck.