06.10.16 - 2016 Porsche Panamera

Is there a Wagon we Want in the US?

In Porsche by Blaine Traber

The automotive market has practically done away with wagon models because of the new popularity of the SUV lineups we see from every automaker. The wagon used to be the type of vehicle we wanted and needed to enjoy when we had a family and some of these were even made with a third row of rear facing seats for larger families to enjoy. While we have seen these vehicles nearly become extinct from the entire automotive market there may be some wagons that we do actually want to have on the roads for us to enjoy and admire.

One wagon that will make its way to us at some point is the Porsche Panamera wagon that will be in its second- generation. As an amazing sports car in the base models the Panamera is one of the roomiest and most aggressively styled cars from Porsche to be the right vehicle for you to drive. The Panamera is one of the only sedan style cars from this automaker to give us a car that fits the entire family in a sporty style that has the perfect handling and the right build for you to enjoy the ride.

The beauty of having a wagon version of this car for us to drive is the fact that we can have a car to offer more space for you to take along some of the gear you need for the destination you have in mind for your family. Even though most of the time the US car buyers are more apt to buy a sedan or an SUV than to buy a wagon or a hatchback Porsche executives have expressed a desire to bring this car to our shores because they feel it will be a car that can perform well in regards to sales.

Even though we will have to wait for this version of the Panamera it should be well worth it when this car does make its way to our market. We will get a view of the new Panamera in September at the 2016 Paris Motor Show which will give us a look at a car that will be sold in the European market next year and will likely make its debut in the US in 2018 at the earliest year. This will give us the new wagon that will be built off one of the sportiest sedan we have ever seen on the market.

Porsche is also talking about offering a five seater variation of the Panamera to give us a car that has even more room for all of us to enjoy. Will we even want the Panamera wagon when it comes to our shores in a couple years? With the Porsche brand name on the car there is no doubt we will want to buy this car when it comes to our shores and it may even be a car that works well as a way to get gear to the lake or to the ski slopes for a great weekend getaway.