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The Shell Concept Car; Small and Amazing

In Car News by Lauren Gailli

We see collaboration in many parts of the automotive industry and when that collaboration brings forth something that is extremely efficient and the next right step in our world we often sit up and take notice. Such was the case when Tesla brought us the Model S and again when Chevrolet announced the Bolt, but what we see today is …

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An Off Roading Tool You Hope to Never Use

In General by Jesseb Shiloh

When you are out on the trails and a great distance from home one of the worst things that can happen to you is to have a structural failure that causes your vehicle to be inoperable. When the metal breaks apart you need to have a way to put it back together and a simple roll of duct tape will …

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2017 Kia Sportage: New and Improved

In Kia by Blaine Traber

How many of you remember when the original Sportage came to the US market? I certainly do. Originally the Sportage was a small SUV that barely has space for four people to ride and offered very little in the way of cargo space. This was an SUV made for the bargain shopper to give them a low-priced but enjoyable SUV …

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Looking at Some Midsized Sedans

In Reviews by CQ Livingston

What do we see driven during our daily commutes? When you look around at the crowd of cars you see on the road every day the answer to this questions comes to you simply as midsized vehicle. Whether it’s a midsized crossover SUV, midsized luxury sedan or a midsized typical sedan the cars that prowl the middle of the road …

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Bringing Down the Death Total

In Safety by Blaine Traber

Roadway deaths seem to be entirely preventable. Unless as car has completely gone out of control on its own, the owner of a vehicle is completely responsible for what that car does when driven. The same goes for pedestrians as the cross into roadways and the responsibility to observe and be aware of their surroundings. The fact that more of …

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Will we See a MINI Sedan

In Mini by CQ Livingston

Because MINI is owned by BMW the logical choice to improving this sub-brand to become one that is known not only for quirky vehicles that fall somewhere between a tiny hatchback and a subcompact crossover SUV is to share some of the knowledge among the two brands. MINI is known for their small but stylish vehicles that gives us a …

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Ford Headquarters to Become a Mega Campus

In Ford by Carl Durrek

Ford has its headquarters in Dearborn and currently has seventy buildings that house nearly 30,000 employees. While this has worked for many years with the different programs and teams needed to operate such a massive manufacturing process, the new direction of Ford to be an auto and mobility company requires they bring more teams together under one roof to improve …

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The New BMW X7 Will Be Aggressive

In BMW by Jesseb Shiloh

At the top of any lineup, especially those of the luxury brand names, care must be given to have the right style and attitude in a vehicle. If a car is to be a luxury cruiser that can carry the owner in the rear seat from one place to another in posh style, but it also must have the features …