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What Collectible Car Will You Choose?

In Acura, Audi, Dodge, General, Honda, Porsche by Jesseb Shiloh

We all turn our heads and admire a car from several decades ago that has been restored or kept up in pristine condition to be a car that will garner some attention when it drives by. Whether you see a 1955 Chevrolet in your area or a GTO from the 1960s there is a certain nostalgia and admiration that goes along with a car that has been kept up in great condition. While the 1980s was nearly a throwaway decade and the 1990s wasn’t much better, cars of today offer a style and a build that we haven’t enjoyed this much since the heydays of the automotive world. The only question in mind is which one will you choose for your collectible car to keep for the next 25 or 30 years to show off on sunny weekends; here are some suggestions.

Dodge Challenger or Charger HellcatThis pair of Hellcat models are two of the most impressive vehicles to every make their presence known on the road. Dealerships can’t keep them in stock and Dodge has a hard time keeping up with production, but that is a good problem to have. While these are monsters that have a massive 707 horsepower engine and the build of a throwback muscle car many of these cars will end up crashed or burned out within a few years, leaving a few for you to enjoy as the car you want to collect and turn heads with.

Porsche Boxster SpyderThis is a sports car that is made more for the purist in you rather than someone that needs a car for daily chores. This car comes from the last generation that won’t be part of the 718 designation, offering you a manual transmission and a manual roof. This truly is a no frills sports car with no air conditioning and no radio but it’s also one of the best sports cars you can buy and will be one of those rare collectibles in many years. The main reason for this is the rawness of the car, in a world where we want every car to perform many functions the Boxster Spyder is only made to be a great sports car, which leaves many looking elsewhere.

Honda CR-ZHow many cars have a manual transmission and a hybrid powertrain? Not very many and the CR-Z is one of the few that does. This car is a sporty little hatchback with a long hood and a great style which makes it a great choice as a classic when the time passes. Not only is this car one that is unique, but it doesn’t sell in high numbers so you won’t have to wait as long for other versions of this car to die off to have a collectible that shows up much higher than the initial value. IN the meantime you can enjoy the nearly 40 mpg on the highway that comes from this powertrain to be the right collectible for you.

Audi RS7Making use of the 4.0-liter turbocharged V8 that brings in 560 horsepower and 516 lb.-ft. of torque you can easily understand why this car makes the list. The RS7 is not the Audi you normally look for, instead this is the rough riding power hungry beast that will tear through a wall and reach sixty mph in only 3.7 seconds. With the low number of sales and the amazing Quattro AWD system this is a car that you will want to hang onto and see it make for the most impressive drive thirty years down the road when it’s time to turn heads once again.

Acura NSXThe NSX is nearly a no-brainer for an instant classic with the looks of a supercar and the track presence of a leading racer. What makes this car more of collectible, other than the price tag, is the fact it is powered by a 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine that also enjoys the assistance of three electric motors to bring in a full 573 horsepower for the system. With the NSX as one of the instant classics in 25 to 30 years you will see that many of those classis will have come from the models that carry some form of a hybrid powertrain.