03.21.16 - 2017 Volvo S90

Volvo Puts a Smile on Our Faces

In Volvo by Blaine Traber

The brand that has been known for safety now is also becoming a style leader and even a leader in what they offer. This Swedish company has built its success starting with what we needed the most, safety and has grown to be a brand that we know, trust and can love to drive with many of the new vehicles they offer. While there has been some rough patches in the past few years for Volvo, two numbers now are added to what we will see in the US to become some of the models we will love to drive.

These two numbers are 90 and 40. The 90 models we already know about because the XC90 SUV is already on sale in several variations in the US. So far this model has shown us a growth in the hybrid and EV part of the luxury SUV market with about 20 percent of these SUVs that are sold here being plug-in hybrids which is double the percentage in Europe. With that in mind, the new S40 will come to us as a fantastic new small sedan and V40 wagon which will eventually be expanded to the XC40 crossover SUV.

The aim of Volvo with the 40 is to offer us a complete lineup that will fill the market with premium cars and SUVs that are of a smaller size than the 90 models to give us some great choices. This plan is right in line with what we see from other automakers every year (i.e. BMW, Mercedes-Benz) that give us a line of vehicles that all have the same style across the board but different sizes to choose from in order to pick the right one. Instead of the 40 and 90 being similar in style, the cars and SUVs with the same numbering will have features that are the same to offer a bit of difference form the German automakers mentioned.

Other new models we will see is the S90 and V90 which have been shown to us in the first two shows of the year in Detroit and Geneva. This will give us a full model lineup from the 90 platform and once the 40’s come in from the 40 platform as well, which absolutely has us smiling from ear to ear thinking about the equipment and fantastic ride these vehicles will certainly offer us.

How much would you love to have an SUV that is safe, full of luxury features, fuel efficient and a great drive? Don’t pull your wallet out just yet, these vehicles aren’t here yet, but they are on the way and when we finally have a full lineup of Volvo models to choose from other manufacturers will need to show us something new and special. In the meantime, we will continue to watch as the new models make their way to our shores to let us enjoy the ride and quality that Volvo continues to put in their awesome lineup of cars and SUVs.