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2017 Audi Q7: A Year Off and Decades of Improvements

In Audi by Blaine Traber

During redesigns and remodels there are times when a manufacturer will take off a year from offering a vehicle in order to create what it should be. This happens at times when it feels the market has passed it buy which was the case with the 2015 model of the Q7. In an effort to get ahead of the competition …

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Volvo Puts a Smile on Our Faces

In Volvo by Blaine Traber

The brand that has been known for safety now is also becoming a style leader and even a leader in what they offer. This Swedish company has built its success starting with what we needed the most, safety and has grown to be a brand that we know, trust and can love to drive with many of the new vehicles …

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Which Giulia Versions Will We Get

In Alfa Romeo by Jesseb Shiloh

The Geneva Motor Show seems to be the place for new information and great announcements as to what we can expect to come down the line. This isn’t limited to brand new models, although the Giulia certainly is one of those, but on a car we have been expecting for some time now learning what will and won’t make the …

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Ford is Integrating more Technology in its Production

In Ford by Lauren Gailli

Studies have been done and with the technology available to us now it’s important for any business to save time. The saying “time is money” is true in every manufacturing industry in the world, making it important for a business to find more time and to save time wherever possible. Using the technology available Ford is integrating time saving techniques …

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It’s the Fastest and Most Powerful Version if Itself

In Porsche by Blaine Traber

Automakers amaze us every single year. When we think there can’t be any way to gain more power they drop the weight of a car or add supercharging or direct injection to the engine. When we feel like they can’t cut through the air any better, the show a lower drag coefficient and when we feel like the vehicle can’t …

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The New Cadillac Land Yacht that Isn’t a Flagship

In Cadillac by Carl Durrek

Have you heard of the new Cadillac CT6? This is a new large sedan from Cadillac that offers those of us who have enjoyed the large sedans of old a big car that should be the top of the lineup, the halo car, the flagship sedan. While it seems Cadillac has deemed calling this car a flagship as akin to …