02.13.16 - 2016 Toyota Prius

How Badass is the Toyota Prius?

In Toyota by Blaine Traber

The Toyota Prius has been one of our favorite cars to drive for many years; at least it has been for those of us who want to have vehicles that offer the best gas mileage and a fantastic hybrid powertrain to be enjoyed. As the first of the hybrid vehicles that came to the automotive market for us in an affordable form the Prius led the way for technology and a huge step forward. This hybrid powertrain has now been seen on may other vehicles including supercars that make use of it to gain more power from under the hood.

What the Prius has not been in previous years is certainly “badass”. This car was built for moving through the air with ease and giving you the fuel mileage you want. This marriage has made for a wedge shaped car for most of its existence, but the Prius has been redesigned and restyled to be a car that genuinely looks more like other sedans on the road and not like one that only focusses on fuel mileage. With the new shape and style comes a new advertising campaign to give us a look at the car that has been the favorite for so many to enjoy.

We got the chance to look at the new Prius on Super Bowl Sunday during the game and its many ads. Landing a Super Bowl ad was not difficult for Toyota as the largest automaker in the world what was the difficulty was figuring out how to marry the style of the new Prius up with an ad that would capture our attention. This could have been accomplished by simply showing us the Prius and giving us a car that we know and love with a familiar drivetrain and performance, but Toyota went a different direction.

How would you fill ninety seconds with the Prius? In the case of Toyota the presented us with a nine to five office manager that made the Prius feel stronger and more capable than what we are used to. The car is certainly sharp in the ad and presents attractive headlights and a look that is new and more enticing than ever. Our star of the show does sing throughout the commercial and is joined by several others who celebrate just how new and amazing this Prius is for driving while he skips past the gas station with plenty of fuel to spare.

As an entertaining and exciting commercial we may all remember the ad that is featured in Super Bowl Fifty as one that gives us pause and a tune that we want to sing on our way to work and back. So many of us can see ourselves in the same position as our star of the commercial and certainly admire the look and style of this new Prius. One thing is for sure, Toyota knows how to entertain in a commercial and certainly can capture your attention in a way that is fun, funny and allows us to see whether or not the Prius really is “badass”.