02.05.16 - Super Bowl 50

The Premium Spot for Advertising

In Honda, Hyundai, Mini by Blaine Traber

In the US the Super Bowl is the single biggest advertising platform in the world. While there are many different places that companies and find to put their commercials on the TV the largest audience is present and actively watching during the Super Bowl which is held in February each year. This is a spectacle of entertainment which has something for everyone. Even those who typically don’t watch football enjoy a great Super Bowl party and look forward to the halftime show and commercials. Of course the avid football fan loves this stage as well and certainly will enjoy the different ads that typically have a great deal of wit and entertainment to offer.

With the game, the halftime show and the commercials this is the perfect place for a brand to gain attention, but the ad has to be great. This year there are three automotive companies and brands that will make their way to the Super Bowl ad list to hopefully give us some great entertainment on one of the most celebrated Sundays of the year. The three vehicles we will see portrayed during the game are the Mini Clubman, Honda Ridgeline and Hyundai Elantra.

Even though the Super Bowl is the platform that will reach a broader audience than any other, all three automakers have releases their ads ahead of the Super Bowl for us to see, but most will not see them until the actual game occurs. Each of these three vehicles offer a specific tag line and new feeling for you to enjoy what the company wants you to feel about the vehicle.

The Mini Clubman has a “Defy Labels” tag which presents you with a variety of actors that all stand as opposed to what the Clubman can be tagged as. This gives you a look at a new Mini that is more than what you ever thought it could be. The new Ridgeline shows up with the “A New Truck to Love” line and gives you a truck that has a more typical look even though it’s still a unibody design. The functionality and work of this vehicle along with some entertainment are present during this commercial. For the Elantra the location is set as “Ryanville” which is a town full of Ryan Reynolds to be the look that appeals to the women driving the car. With this presentation you see the car pays attention when the driver isn’t, which helps keep them safe.

While all three spins are different, all three have the commonality of showing of the best of their vehicle and offering us some great entertainment. These Super Bowl ads are all fun to see and show a bit of amusement which will capture the imagination of the audience watching this awesome spectacle. For these three automakers who won their bids for spots during this ad platform, they have all hit a home run with the perfect ad for their vehicle to entertain and inform us at the same time.