01.31.16 - Arrinera Hussarya GT

An Inexpensive Way to Get into Serious Racing

In Supercar by Blaine Traber

When you think about racing teams you know the cars they run typically cost them in the millions of dollars to purchase or build. Especially in the racing series that make the most money such as Formula One and NASCAR, these cars are specially designed and tuned to try and give the driver every advantage they can find. Of course if you don’t have millions of dollars to get into racing, but maybe have some money to get into racing and want a way to do so with a serious and respected racing series I have the car and the series for you to try.

The car is actually a Hussarya GT. If you aren’t familiar, this is a Polish supercar from Arrinera which is currently working on finding a way to bring the Hussarya 33 to the road legal standards. While they focus on that, the new GT model showed up at the Autosport International series in Birmingham, England recently and gave us quite a show. This is a car that looks and feels like a race car because it has been built to be one that will work well in a racing series for teams that need a great car.

The Hussarya GT shows up with an aero kit that was developed at Warsaw’s Technical University giving you a flat floor, a low splitter that nearly scrapes the track, an oversized diffuser, a large rear wing, air ports around the wheel arches and some small winglets to handle all the air cutting that is needed for the drive. As for the power the engine of this racecar shows up as a familiar 6.2-liter V8 that can make anywhere from 420 to 650 horsepower to meet the regulations of the series it’s racing in. This RWD setup is attached to a Hewland six-speed sequential transmission and sits on an Ohlins pushrod suspension while enjoying the stopping power of the Alcon brakes, Bosch ABS and Michelin tires.

All of this can be yours for your racing team for under $200,000 each, which is a bargain for racing in nearly any series. This car weighs in at a tiny weight of only 2,755 pounds, giving you a light, active and powerful car to take to the track. Unfortunately Arrinera did not give us any details regarding the time for sprints of this car or the top speed, but this honeycomb construction that keeps the weight down makes the most use of the power under the hood and certainly will be a quick car to enjoy.

As for the racing series for this car, it’s built to run in the GT4 category for this year and for the next while it could be considered for the Pirelli World Challenge and the British GT Championship. That gives you a large number of races to run your cars and certainly some of the most respected and world renowned races on the planet to enjoy.

When you want a car at a great price the Hussarya GT is the one to consider and these series could give you a lot of fun and some great competition to enter serious racing to enjoy the excitement of the race.