01.25.16 - Toyota Kymeta Connected Technology

Cool Tech Features from the Detroit Auto Show

In Technology by Blaine Traber

Nowadays you not only get to see some great cars, trucks and SUVs at the Detroit Auto Show, but you also see some amazing technological advancements. The top issue on the table is of course autonomous driving and how to make it work along with what could possibly go along with it. Of course this isn’t the only tech that came to the show and here is a look at some of the awesome steps forward that showed up at the show, some of which show us what is making a huge difference in the world of automotive technology.

Mercedes Touch Control Steering WheelWith swipe control from the two touch pads on the steering wheel you can choose the menu you want and the feature you are looking for which will be found in the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class. This makes it easier for your to enjoy the functions of your car and the menus offered without the need to look down at the wheel to make sure you push the right button. Because this is how your controls are handled you can have a safer drive with this new technology that is ready to be offered.

Volvo Pilot AssistThis is the new semi-autonomous driving program from Volvo that will be a standard feature offered on the new S90 that made its debut in Detroit as well. Originally this technology made its wat to the auto show in the XC90 with the ability to control the vehicle at speeds up to thirty mph, but that’s pretty unrealistic for everyday driving. For the S90 this feature will be able to handle the driving at speeds up to eighty mph to make it much easier to enjoy the typical driving duties needed on the roads we see daily.

Chrysler Pacifica Uconnect TheaterEven though this is the new minivan from Chrysler the Pacifica is going to be one of the most technologically advanced minivans we have ever seen and the rear seat has two massive ten-inch touchscreens to give your passengers more fun and a great way to enjoy the ride. You can play games, stream content and watch movies on these screens and enjoy the fact that this is a van that stays connected to the internet at all times, giving you a great hot spot to be able to enjoy the cross country trip in style and comfort.

Chevrolet Bolt Rear Camera MirrorThis mirror makes the view behind your vehicle one you see clearly displayed by using multiple cameras and putting the scene together. This allows you to have the information you need for changing lanes and backing up, giving you a way to avoid any blind spot to deal with. This is one of the best advancements needed for driving this new EV car from Chevrolet and may show up as a great way to be technologically advanced while also being environmentally friendly, not to mention saving on fuel costs.

GMC Acadia Tow VisionThe Acadia has shrunk but the power to pull up to 4,000 pounds is still present on this popular SUV. Most full size pickup trucks have some form of towing aids, but not SUVs, however GMC adding a rear camera and guidelines to make it much easier to see where the trailer is going while driving. This makes it much easier to back the trailer up when the foul weather is present. This towing aid will make life much easier in the Acadia to ensure you can drive your trailer at any time and back it up where you need to.

Toyota Kymeta Connected TechnologyThis is technology using flat antennas on the roof of vehicles to ensure the vehicle can stay connected to the Internet using low flying satellites. Typically these satellites signals are received by large dishes, but these flat receivers make it possible for the signals to be received without the use of a weird looking dish on top of the car. This will mark the next generation of connectivity for Toyota and a great partnership with Kymeta, the maker of these antennas. This system has been used for over 8,000 miles of road testing so far.

VW Advanced Gesture ControlUsing the gestures you make in the area of the infotainment system the VW Tiguan will be able to understand what you want to select from the many system of the vehicle. This ensures quicker responses and the ability to keep your eyes on the road which is a challenge for many of these systems. This new system will find its way not only into the Tiguan, but also the Golf, where we will see it first. This will give VW owners a better overall control of the vehicle and more awareness on the road.

Honda Ridgeline Bed Stereo System Using the carlike chassis and a bed system that offers a lockable storage area the new Ridgeline will be a completely different looking vehicle than the previous model. The new one has a 540-watt stereo that uses features what is called “exciters” behind the walls of the bed which will transmit sound that can be hears in the bed area, making this a great truck for tailgating. This is certainly a cool system, but the real test will come when we try to make this truck one that can be used as a work truck.

FordPass AppThis app will offer you ads to buy or use Ford vehicles, but it’s a free app that doesn’t require you to be a Ford owner to use the app. You can find easier parking and pay for it in advanced using this app as well as learn about some of the new products that Ford is offering. This app could be used in the future for ride sharing or for the new shared leasing program that is being offered by Ford along with many other features. As a free app you can have the enjoyment of connectivity through the Ford system.

Lincoln Perfect Position SeatThe seats of this car are inspired by private jets and can fit just about anyone’s shape and size. You might not think seats should be part of the technology list, but the work that went into these and the fact they can cool, heat and massage ensures you are going to be perfectly comfortable in the seat. No matter what position you sit in this seat will make it comfortable for you to enjoy the ride in a Lincoln and can make this seat a great place for you to ride from.