01.03.16 - 2017 Volvo S90

The New Wagon from the Only Name in Wagons

In Volvo, Wagon by CQ Livingston

With nearly every other automaker leaving wagons behind in favor of the sedan and small SUVs, Volvo continues to build wagons and is even planning to offer us one that looks like it will certainly offer the style and features we want. What Volvo used to offer us for wagons they n no longer include.  Does that mean that we can’t get great wagons from Volvo anymore?  Not in the least, Volvo has now redesigned its wagons and will give us a look at the new V90 wagon at the Detroit Auto Show that is coming up very soon.

The new S90 sedan is expected to also be revealed at the show and will be ready for the market for the 2017 model year as a car that has an attractive style and a beautiful finish.  This is certainly a change from the boxy and bland looks of the previous models that Volvo put to the market.  The reputation of Volvo has been built on the basis of safety and quality to give us a lineup that has continually kept our families safer in a way that we can admire.  Now, Volvo has changed their ways to not only offer the great safety features they have become known for but also give us the style quality we want and a wonderful range of  features.

The S90 will be one that gives us some attractive looks and the V90 wagon is built off the same platform with a raked rear end to add style to the back along with more space for us to enjoy the cargo room.  Many of the cues for the style of this car come from the XC90 up front to give us the look and feel we are going to enjoy.

Not only will we see the S90 on the market soon, but the V90 wagon will follow a few months after for the 2017 model year.  This will also be joined with a V90 Cross Country with gives us a raised ride height and a powertrain that will take on the power and precision needed.  This gives us a great deal of choices when it comes to the 90 models from Volvo which represent the largest vehicles across the menu of vehicles offered.  The power will come from the 2.0-liter Drive-E four-cylinder engine and a Twin Engine hybrid that has electric motors added.

While this information seems scarce when it comes to the V90 wagon this may be exactly what Volvo wants us to know at this point in the development process.  So far we see this to be a wagon that will be the same size as many of the compact crossover SUVs on the market and give you the driving capabilities you want to enjoy.  More information will be available soon, but until then just keep in mind this new wagon may just be the right vehicle for you to admire and enjoy when it comes to market and certainly it will change your mind regarding the wagons and the reputation they have been given.