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An Inexpensive Way to Get into Serious Racing

In Supercar by Blaine Traber

When you think about racing teams you know the cars they run typically cost them in the millions of dollars to purchase or build. Especially in the racing series that make the most money such as Formula One and NASCAR, these cars are specially designed and tuned to try and give the driver every advantage they can find. Of course …

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Drive the Car You Want When You Need To

In General Motors by Carl Durrek

Is it important to you that you own a car? Some of us don’t really need the responsibility or cost of owning a car full time, but have lifestyles that require us to leave our car parked for many days or even weeks at a time, when means it’s not at all important to own a vehicle all the time. …

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Cool Tech Features from the Detroit Auto Show

In Technology by Blaine Traber

Nowadays you not only get to see some great cars, trucks and SUVs at the Detroit Auto Show, but you also see some amazing technological advancements. The top issue on the table is of course autonomous driving and how to make it work along with what could possibly go along with it. Of course this isn’t the only tech that …

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Questions That Should be Asked About Autonomous Vehicles

In Technology by CQ Livingston

As we do move toward what will eventually be a reality, the autonomous car, there are many questions that must be asked that don’t necessarily have anything to do with the regulation of these cars.  A car that will drive itself and allow you to focus on something other than the road while on the way to and from a …

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Responding Even Faster

In Ford, Technology by Jesseb Shiloh

When we are in an emergency situation it feels like an eternity before the first responders make it to the site of our need.  In reality the time is only minutes and possibly less for these emergency professionals to make it to you.  Time is precious when disaster strikes or an emergency situation is present and getting information faster to …

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The New Wagon from the Only Name in Wagons

In Volvo, Wagon by CQ Livingston

With nearly every other automaker leaving wagons behind in favor of the sedan and small SUVs, Volvo continues to build wagons and is even planning to offer us one that looks like it will certainly offer the style and features we want. What Volvo used to offer us for wagons they n no longer include.  Does that mean that we …