12.28.15 - 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander

Best/Worst Cars from this Past Year

In BMW, Hyundai, Lexus, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Scion by Blaine Traber

In this day and age there aren’t any cars that are actually bad cars, but some just rage much lower than the rest.  Most cars today have a nice feel to them and drive really well along with giving you some great fuel mileage.  Overall, with the added technology that has been put into vehicles today we have the ability to enjoy a ride in cars that make a difference in our daily lives.  Even with all the benefits of cars of today there are still some that don’t quite give the most impressive feeling when driving, which leaves you wanting more.  Here is the list of those vehicles that you might consider avoiding if you can.

Mercedes-Benz GLA250The expectations you have for a Mercedes-Benz model are not even close to met with this car.  The only thing that seems to be luxury about it is the three-point star on the front.  At the base model the GLA only makes 208 horsepower and 258 lb.-ft. of torque along with a rough ride.  For the most part Mercedes-Benz makes some amazing vehicles, but this is one you should pass on or find a model at a higher level that will give you a much better ride.

BMW M4 ConvertibleAlthough the M4 is actually a great car to drive, the convertible model is one that dulls the experience.  Most convertibles are made to be much better than the coupe versions they are based on but the M4 Convertible adds back weight that was taken out of the coupe to make it a great performer.  Unfortunately this makes the M4 Convertible feel a lot like one of the base models in the lineup.  Of course this is not what you want when you spend the additional money on a convertible model of your favorite luxury sports car.

Mitsubishi OutlanderThe original Outlander from 2006 was a great vehicle but the one for this year has become difficult to understand.  The market the Outlander plays in has grown and is so highly competitive that the Outlander has been surpassed and is in bad need of a full refresh if Mitsubishi intends for this SUV to become one that is actually able to be taken seriously and compete on the level that is needed to be great for the vehicle.  This is an SUV that offers space for seven but still isn’t considered a great drive.

Scion iMThe iM is actually a well-designed and good performing hatchback that unfortunately is launched at the same time as the iA.  The iA is going to be the choice vehicle for the new Scion lineup that has added some excellent additions for the easy shoppers to enjoy.  The iM ends up being a boring car in comparison to be one that ends up near the bottom of the lineup for this new model year.  The iM is a car that will sell well for hatchback lovers, but has become quickly overshadowed by its own lineup mate.

BMW X4This tiny SUV is a grand example of BMW chasing segments instead of sticking to what they do best.  When you have the ultimate driving machine as part of your overall lineup it seems you should build from there and not enter niche markets as much, but BMW has done so with the X4.  Overall, if you want a small SUV that is easy to maneuver and park the X4 is a choice you might consider, but for actual SUV use this one can be left at home or at the dealer lot if you need a vehicle that performs all the SUV activities you want.

Lexus GX 460Bigger SUVs require larger engines and more horsepower.  Even though this one reaches 301 horsepower and 329 lb.-ft. of torque from the engine it doesn’t drive well enough or feel powerful enough to be worthy of high honors.  Add to that the fact this new SUV only brings in a pitiful fuel mileage and you see an SUV that isn’t made to give you want you want although it has a price that feels like it should easily take on a much better overall driving experience.

Mitsubishi Outlander SportThis isn’t just the sport version of the Outlander already mentioned, its put out as its own model and one that doesn’t give us any reason to love it other than the price.  For an SUV that should be much better and being built from a brand that used to be exceptional and now is more of an afterthought for those who are on a tight budget the Outlander Sport certainly needs to be much better if it’s going to be considered for more than a bottom feeder on any market.  The lineup from Mitsubishi seems to be poised to carry the brand out of the American market for good if things don’t change.

Hyundai Genesis CoupeIt appears Hyundai might have forgotten to take a look at and improve this vehicle for this past year as they are poised to launch the Genesis as its own new brand.  The Coupe was at one time a car that could compete with a Camaro and a Mustang as a great pony car with some high end luxury features, but for this past year that was not the case at all.  What we can hope for is a great lineup from the new Genesis brand as Hyundai creates a full luxury lineup of vehicles.

While these cars and SUVs are not terrible overall, unless you have specific needs that they fill you might want to shop around and consider the rest of the market.  There are many vehicles that can take care of more than just a few needs for you and give you the driving you want.  I would hope and expect that all of these vehicles save for the iM are improved soon in order to make them much better for overall driving and performance needs.