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What is the Best Pickup Truck?

In Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, Nissan, Ram, Toyota by Nathan Ehinger

Pickups offer an interesting segment of the automotive world.  In the US this segment can be the top seller for a manufacturer and cause so many to continue to try and outdo the others.  Most truck buyers stick with a particular brand once they have the brand they know they can and will trust for a longer time.  Each year …

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You Thought All They Did Was Cars

In Offbeat by Blaine Traber

Peugeot Design Lab has been responsible for several cars over the years and most of the time these cars were great little driving vehicles that gave Europeans cars that fit well in their cities and on their streets.  Even though Peugeot has not been at the forefront of performance and doesn’t usually ring as a name that we see much …

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2016 Dodge Charger: Four Doors and Lots of Power

In Dodge by CQ Livingston

When you have to go shopping for a sedan and ditch the powerful sports car you have loved for a long time there is a certain pain in your heart that seems to coincide with this occasion.  Yes, it’s a sign of growing up and maturing to join the rest of the workforce as they drive along the commuter roads …

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2016 BMW 7 Series: Improving the Flagship Luxury Athlete

In BMW by CQ Livingston

When you see a world class athlete perform you often feel you are witnessing artistry in motion, which is exactly what you are seeing.  In the automotive world the BMW brand has been known for creating the most athletic vehicles on the market for years and when the top of the class, the 7 Series receives and upgrade us are …

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2016 Honda Civic: New and Improved

In Honda by Blaine Traber

What do you get when you redesign a car that has been a staple in the industry for over three decades?  You get a car that is more amazing than ever and still allows you to enjoy one of the best daily driving cars on the market today.  With a new and improved version that enters this new generation with …