GT3 powered 911

Rumors Everywhere

In Car News, Porsche by Blaine Traber

When a rumor arises in the automotive world it tends to have some truth to it.  Even if the car company that is the subject of the rumor is unable or unwilling to validate the information many times a rumor can be created because of some tidbit of information which eventually shows us that the rumor in fact was truth.  In fact over the past several years many times auto companies allow leaks and stories to be told of their ongoing business in order to keep our interests at a constantly heightened level so we can certainly take on the rumor and embellish it any way we see fit.

The most recent rumor I have heard involved Porsche and their new GT3 powered 911.  The rumor is the company intends to build a more track ready version dubbed the GT3 RS that will be ready to hit the road as a version of a WEC car.  The WEC is the World Endurance Championships and these cars are typically completely stripped down and barely comfortable enough for the driver to enjoy the ride from inside the car.  With this in mind and the direction Porsche has gone in giving us comfortable cars to drive as some of the sportiest ever why would they make a WEC car?

The reasons could be a simple as they wanted to see what this car could be or they wanted to pull out all the weight possible and see what the performance would come through at.  Either way a GT3 RS or RSR will certainly be an interesting idea.  Whether many would be sold is another story, but this could be a car that is only made to show what Porsche can do and have many talking about the car company entering the WEC with this car, which certainly would have many teams feverishly building cars to combat the beautiful sportster.

There is even talk of how this car would be powered.  It’s expected to be powered by a 4.0-liter horizontal six-cylinder engine that would give it the balance needed to be a serious competitor and let it be more focused than other models such as the 997 GT3 RS 4.0 and the 992 GT3 RS.  This car surely has to come to fruition with this many rumors already flying about it.  With this lower weight and no noise deadening features the GT3 RS could serve as the prototype for the RSR that is expected to be built, but who really knows for sure.

The only ones who know for sure are those at Porsche and certainly they are have a field day with the exceptional press the keep generating from simple rumors.  Will we see this WEC version of the Porsche GT3 powered 911?  That is for the future to see and for us to talk about ,  with the exception of the comfort piece, which I guess you get used to on a track, the idea seems to have some merit and really should come to production for us to marvel at one more Porsche product in a long line of outstanding products.