Hyundai Alabama facility

Why Hyundai?

In Car News, Hyundai by Lauren Gailli

We’re obsessed with asking questions, and seeking out the answers.  Search engines have become booming parts of our vernacular as we rely on them as a constant source of information.  We’ve always been told there is no such thing as a stupid question, but there are some rather obvious answers.  So if a driver, searching for a new car, were to ask “Why Hyundai?” it may seem an easy enough answer to say “Why Not Hyundai?”, but for those curious individuals wondering if any of Hyundai’s nine different models, feast your eyes on the various reasons why Hyundai indeed.

Hyundai’s amazing warranty is the first thing that registers when the question of why a Hyundai should be your next vehicle.  With 10 years, and 100,000 miles on the powertrain alone, Hyundai was one of the first to offer this tremendous warranty.  Other manufacturers have since followed suit with this singular portion of America’s Best Warranty, but this is just the jumping off point for Hyundai.  There is also a 7 year and unlimited anti-perforation warranty that covers corrosion caused by mechanical defect.  In addition to the aforementioned warranties, there is also a five year and sixty thousand mile warranty on all components originally installed by Hyundai, including the paint, battery, and audio system.

Another reason that Hyundai is leading the pack when it comes to easy answers is there intense commitment to quality products.  One would typically assume that such a fantastic warranty is a certainty that something will go wrong, but it’s quite the opposite with Hyundai.  They offer that warranty because they’re so sure that NOTHING will happen.  Hyundai’s mission statement confirms that there is room for innovation in everything they do.  They test their vehicles in the hottest and coldest of conditions, make them travel bumpy and ill-maintained roads, and whip them around the tightest curves imaginable all to make sure that their vehicles will stand up to everything you can put it through as well.  They’ve even found a way to perfect the paint job!

With a solid effort paid to making things better, Hyundai has created award-winning engines that revolutionize what other manufacturers are doing.  Nothing is slipping past the gates that is anything less than perfect when it comes to Hyundai’s manufacturing process.  Everything that they’re pushing out not only looks fantastic, but each component has a purpose as well.  They strive to make each and every model a little bit better, faster, and stronger than the previous generation.  Each model of Hyundai goes through some intense rigors at the California and Michigan plants before it even gets pushed off the line.

Hyundai clearly also thinks of their cars as art, not just another vehicle on the road.  They’ve maintained a principle called Fluidic Sculpture, and is designed to be modeled largely after natural occurrences.  However well designed and attractive the Hyundai model you’re looking into is, there is also a meaningful and aerodynamic reason behind each design.  Standard features on a Hyundai vehicle often parallel top trim-levels of other vehicles for nowhere near the money.  Value, function, form, and looks are all equal parts of the Hyundai equation, and they show no signs of slowing down their production.

For many people, the idea of buying a foreign car is horrifying as we are not supporting American labor forces, but Hyundai has opened and funded three different manufacturing facilities in this country.  There is a design and research center located in California where each car is furiously tested to meet the driver’s demands.  An engineering facility in Michigan is where the magic happens as new cars are dreamed up and researched for future generations.  A manufacturing facility in Montgomery, Alabama cost nearly $2 billion dollars to build, and allows for the production from bolts to final product in under a day.  This Alabama facility has also contributed close to four billion dollars into the state’s economy, creating jobs for close to 3,000 Alabama residents over the past ten years.  With facilities and dealerships all over the country is becomes clear that Hyundai may be a Japanese manufacturer, but they are strongly rooted in the United States.

Too often manufacturers claim a solid commitment to the environment, yet produce lackluster green offerings in terms of eco-friendly cars.  All too often these vehicles don’t perform the way we want them to perform, and we’re left feeling great about our green contributions, but feeling less than savvy that we purchased kind of a dud.  Hyundai believes green doesn’t have to mean uninspired, and they strive to produce vehicles that produce very little in terms of emissions and air pollution.  With scientists constantly on the ball when it comes to researching and innovating new technology, Hyundai certainly maintains the innovator title when considering the green initiative.

Why Hyundai may seem like a perfectly logical question, but you’ll quickly change your tune to “Why Not?”  As you immerse yourself in the manufacturing, quality, technology, and safety features offered standard on Hyundai vehicles, it won’t take long to figure things out.  The only question you’re going to be asking is why you didn’t do it sooner.