Hyundai Hellcat

Has Hyundai Gone Hellcat?

In Car News, Hyundai, Sports Car by Carl Durrek

We know the Hellcat twins to be 707 horsepower monsters that offer massive straight line power under the hood of two classically styled cars that come right out of the muscle car era.  In the style of many other manufacturers Dodge is not the only one that wants to play in this realm but the surprise may be the name the high powered muscle shows up in.  You might think Ford or Chevrolet will show up with a highly powered car that shows up as a fairly normal style, but the reality is the latest to show us they want to be part of the segment of high horsepower is actually Hyundai.

Hyundai showed us a look at a Sonata that has been highly tuned and powered by a huge amount of horsepower.  Considering the power that is already present in the Sonata this new specially tuned car showed up with a horsepower number that was more than five times that of the typical commuter car.  This car which was called the Bisimoto-tuned Sonata showed itself at 708 horsepower and was on display at the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association aftermarket show.  This gave us a look at what was possible from Hyundai to give the power from one of the world leaders in the popular markets.

Now Hyundai has decided to show up another way they can put the 708 horsepower to work in a Tucson that offers an awesome and powerful engine.  Using the same Bisimoto tuning the Tucson receives the 708 horsepower under the hood but it just might be too much for the Tucson.  Right now the concern is the power will take over and the rest of the components just can’t keep up with this SUV.  If its figured out the Tucson may be the answer to the new Grand Cherokee Trailhawk as the Tucson will actually have a horsepower advantage and a fuel mileage advantage over the Hellcat engines.

Currently the Tucson is powered by a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine, the same as what the Bisimoto Sonata has.  In order to achieve the power that was put in the Sonata a massive turbocharger had to be used and a special ECU in order to gain a great deal of power.  Of course this Tucson is not quite ready for the road yet so we will have to settle for the offerings already in place for the Tucson which are all pretty generous.  The current Tucson uses a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine or a 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine to get power at the base model.  The Bisimoto car used a six-speed manual transmission which is not available on the lineup of Tucson offerings.  Whether or not we will see these high powered Hyundai vehicles on the market any time soon is still to be seen, but certainly we can dream and speculate what the Hyundai 708 horsepower offerings will bring us to enjoy and take full advantage of on the track to blow the doors off our friends with the Hellcat engines.