2017 Porsche 911

What Should You Know About the New Porsche 911 for 2017

In Car News, Luxury, Porsche by CQ Livingston

This new Porsche is one of the first that is fully turbocharged and gives us plenty of great things to talk about.  As one of the most lauded names in the industry for several decades the Porsche 911 offers us a car that carries on the grand tradition of being one of the most well-built and dynamic vehicles on the road.  We have loved the Porsche 911 and admired the engineering that has gone into the car for so long, with that in mind here are some items of knowledge you should have whether you are considering the 911 as your next great vehicle or not.

A new dial and button on the steering hubThis new dial/ button is meant to allow you to select the driving mode you want.  For some reason this feature has not been given an official name yet even though it should be the PSRB that lets you select between Normal, Sport, Sport Plus and an Individual mode that lets you program the car for your own driving.  The dial is meant to adjust the suspension to what you want as well to pair up perfectly with the rest of the driving selectable modes of the car.  The button is a really cool feature that is called “push to pass” which when you push it the car kicks into passing gear and lets you speed past someone on the highway.

Wider Rear Tires – You might not notice the difference but the tires in the rear are five millimeters wider that the tires up front.  This allows the car to have more stability and be ready for a drive on the track.  The standard tires are Pirelli and are P Zeros that have been developed specifically for this car in order to give it a comfortable and high performing ride on the road and on the track.  These new tires even come with technology to protect them from curb rash so you can feel confident when parking your new 911.

The Manual Stays – Porsche considered dropping the manual transmission for this car but has reconsidered with the fact that many who are committed to buying the Porsche informed the company that this would not be acceptable.  This let Porsche reconsider and the seven-speed manual will continue to be offered for those who prefer to row their own gears so they can do just that.

Driving the Twin-Turbos – The performance of the new engine is immediately noticeable for anyone who has owned a Porsche in the past.  This new offering is able to easily reach high rpm with a great deal of power in order to maximize the engine.  You can reach 368 lb.-ft. of torque and stay there from 1,700 and 5,000 rpm and reach up to 420 horsepower at 6,500 rpm making for a massive amount of power at the right levels that will give you a drive that you certainly want to enjoy form a high powered sports car.

With all these amazing features for this new sports car we have to wait another year for it to be on the market for us to admire and enjoy.  When it does come out there are going to be flocks of Porsche lovers at the dealership ready to enjoy the driving and excitement that should come with the release of a new 911.