2016 Hyundai Genesis

The 2016s are Coming

In Car News, Hyundai, Jaguar by Blaine Traber

You can feel it in the air.  The sights, the smells, the feelings all for the new model year to get going and bring us a menu of awesome new vehicles for the purpose of enticing our senses and giving us new technologies to enjoy.  This new year is expected to be better than any before as many automakers are including a wide variety of equipment that used to be optional into the list of standard features.  Let’s take a look at ten of the new models you will get the pleasure of being able to test drive and possibly buy for this new model year.

Hyundai EquusAs the flagship sedan from Hyundai the Equus has a vast menu of amazing features that we enjoyed for the 2015 model as well.  With Hyundai entering the luxury sedan categories the regular name plates need to worry because this company is known for give us a lot for a little as evidenced by the $62,450 base price for this car.

Hyundai GenesisWith this one we are only talking about the sedan body style which comes in with the same features as last year, which was an all-new year for the Genesis.  This car offers a ton of great luxury features as well without adding items you don’t use often, keeping the price down.  With a base price of $39,000 you can add many of those features and see the price increase to a max of $53,000.

Hyundai Genesis CoupeThe coupe is separate because sport luxury has become a part of the market that is much different from the sedans.  If you aren’t ready to drive a sedan and want a sporty and luxury filled model this is a great choice with excellent body lines and an aggressive stance that gives you a car which is fun on any road.

Hyundai Sonata/Plug-InThis year shows up with major upgrades for the Sonata which gives us hybrid and plug-in hybrid options to choose from along with the gasoline powered version.  This is a highly affordable and feature filled car for you to enjoy giving you a fantastic vehicle which offers everything you need.  When you can get a sedan under $30,000 and enjoy the features of the Sonata you know you got a great deal.

Hyundai VelosterFinally the Veloster has been put in a category and is now considered a hatchback.  That might not be fair to some of the other hatchbacks as the Veloster is typically sporty and tuned to give you a drive that is a lot of fun, but who cares about fair?  Using an impressive body style and a powertrain that gives everything it has you will love to drive this great car.

Infiniti Q50 This beautiful sedan offers several choices for the powertrain from a gasoline powered engine to a turbocharged one and even a hybrid.  Select the Q50 that is right for you and enjoy the fun of driving the engineering and precision that has become part of the Infiniti name for such a long time.  Which one will be the right choice for your driving excitement?

Infiniti Q70/LWith two wheel bases to choose from you can get a little more comfortable in the longer version and let your back seat passengers stretch out.  The Q70 is a great vehicle and gives you the luxury you want is an ultra-quiet cabin made to allow you to enjoy the ride and clear your head before you get to your destination.

Jaguar F-Type/F-Type RAs one of the most attractive designs on the road today the F-Type and F-Type R offer a variety of possibilities.  You can enjoy a cruise along any road in this pair of awesome models.  You have the option to take it to a high performance level or simply enjoy the precision of the engineering depending upon how much you want to spend on this awesome car.

Jaguar XFAs with most cars designed for performance and looking to gain more from the same engine the XF has lost some weight and gives you a sedan that is even more agile on the road.  This car is precise enough to offer throttle mapping and shift points in the transmission that can read your driving and become more in tune with you on the road.

Jaguar XJ/XJRThis newly redesigned model upgrades the entire vehicle to offer a gorgeous and feature filled sedan that is dynamic and agile on any road.  With a new infotainment system that shows up on the eight-inch capacitive touchscreen you can enjoy your favorite music or get precise directions to your favorite restaurant.  The XJ and XJR are meant for you to enjoy a higher level of sophisticated.

These ten cars certainly offer you a variety of driving possibilities to ensure you can have a fantastic ride at a variety of prices.  Is there one that is going to be your next daily driver or your weekend special?  Head on down to your local dealers and check out what they have to offer for this new model year; you are sure to leave with a great new car and a huge smile on your face.