1973 Ferrari Dino

Excess to Sensibility

In Car News, Ferrari, Green Cars, Sports Car by Nathan Ehinger

Most automakers are working toward models that offer lower emissions and as close to no emissions as possible.  That is of course, at least you might think, most except those that are developing the dream exotics that we all love and admire.  Are there exotic car makers that are working on cars that offer lower emissions but still some great power?  Much of the reports from some of the highest nameplates do not suggest as much of a lower emissions as learning how to use hybrid technology to gain more horsepower and instant torque to rocket their beasts down the track that much faster, but one does have their eye on a lower emissions car.

Ferrari has reported they are looking to lower their emissions output on at least one model by introducing a V6 engine into the mix.  We know the V6 can be a bit of a tricky item as it takes a much greater angle to balance it out or a balancing and stabilizing force in the engine bay if the ninety degree angle is to be used.  The other challenge facing Ferrari is simply power.  They want more of it than what might be expected or possible with a V6.

The report is the V6 will be expected to produce at least 200 horsepower per liter of displacement.  This means a 2.9-liter V6 engine would need to produce at least 580 horsepower to meet these requirements.  If they can make that happen, I certainly want one, but that is the challenge thus far.  The challenge here is that much horsepower in this engine will put a huge amount of stress on the components which means these parts will need more development in order to be able to withstand the rigors of track life under the hood of a Ferrari speedster.

If this all sounds to you like a Dino, which was at one time the smaller, quick model from Ferrari that offered a lot of fun at a more affordable price, you would be correct.  The Dino is likely to make its return in this form in a lighter, less expensive and dynamically agile build that will certainly be ready to impress.  That is if Ferrari can overcome all the challenges to this build and get a real V6 going under the hood of its newly reborn toy.

One of the other challenges facing the new Dino setup is the fact that the V6 is expected to be a derivative of the 3.9-liter V8 from the 488 GTB.  If this is the case it would implement a flat-plane crank setup with has not been done with a V6 before.  If any automaker can handle that challenge it certainly is Ferrari which has brought us amazing engineering feats in the past that have left us speechless.  All we can do is wait and see when this new Dino makes its debut, but all signs point to the fact that Ferrari is on its way to lowering emissions and sticker prices to give us a car more of us can afford.