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Fuel Efficient Luxury Vehicles for 2015

In Alfa Romeo, Audi by CQ Livingston

Luxury vehicles come equipped with features and performance that make them worth the additional money that must be spent to have one.  Whether it’s a Volvo full of safety features, a Cadillac that is equipped with awesome style and comfort, a BMW that offers superior handling or a Mercedes-Benz that is chock full or equipment the reality is once a …

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2016 Chevrolet Volt: Welcoming a New Generation

In Chevrolet, Green Cars, Make, Style by CQ Livingston

When you want more range from a single charge and tank of gas, the new Chevrolet Volt is the right choice for you.  With more efficiency and a better suspension, the Volt is an all-new car which makes it easy to enjoy driving a green car that saves money on gas.  Even though gas prices have dropped dramatically we all …

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Looking at a Couple of Crossovers Together

In Car News, Hyundai, Mazda by Admin

The Mazda CX-5 and the Hyundai Tucson will come into 2016 both as well –built highly engaging rides that offer good space and the features needed to be great in the segment the comparison of the two will show you which one is the one you want in order to be the right choice for driving.  When you are looking …

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Has Hyundai Gone Hellcat?

In Car News, Hyundai, Sports Car by Carl Durrek

We know the Hellcat twins to be 707 horsepower monsters that offer massive straight line power under the hood of two classically styled cars that come right out of the muscle car era.  In the style of many other manufacturers Dodge is not the only one that wants to play in this realm but the surprise may be the name …

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Holden, GM and HSV; Together Awesomeness is Made

In Car News, Chevrolet, Offbeat by Nathan Ehinger

Holden is the producer of the Commodore and the Chevrolet SS both of which are gorgeous high powered sedans that give you a lot more than you would expect from a family vehicle.  I have often spoken highly of the SS and shared my wished that Holden would not close shop in 2017 but would instead be allowed to continue …

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What Should You Know About the New Porsche 911 for 2017

In Car News, Luxury, Porsche by CQ Livingston

This new Porsche is one of the first that is fully turbocharged and gives us plenty of great things to talk about.  As one of the most lauded names in the industry for several decades the Porsche 911 offers us a car that carries on the grand tradition of being one of the most well-built and dynamic vehicles on the …

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The 2016s are Coming

In Car News, Hyundai, Jaguar by Blaine Traber

You can feel it in the air.  The sights, the smells, the feelings all for the new model year to get going and bring us a menu of awesome new vehicles for the purpose of enticing our senses and giving us new technologies to enjoy.  This new year is expected to be better than any before as many automakers are …

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2016 Chevrolet Corvette: Still an American Icon

In Chevrolet, Sports Car by CQ Livingston

The Corvette may not be the most powerful sports car on the road today but it’s the best one America has to offer and it does certainly take the cake with many rivals.  First the Corvette is much less expensive than the European offerings but comes in with as much or more power.  Its dynamic handling, amazing suspension and livable …