2015 Mazda 5

When You Need Three Rows

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Most of us are not going to buy a vehicle with three rows of seats unless they need them.  Especially in world where larger vehicles are becoming less popular unless they are completely required.  The third row of seats means you have more wheelbase length, possibly less elbow room and in many SUVs a lot less cargo space.  These vehicles can be great to drive and offer some of the most versatility you will find across the board in the automotive industry.  Here are ten of the most affordable third row vehicles that will not only give you the space for everyone to ride but also help keep some money in your pocket.

Honda OdysseyThe Odyssey has been a leader in the minivan class for a long time.  The driving dynamics are fantastic and the ability to have seats that disappear has been a staple of this minivan that gives you the cargo space you want.  The Odyssey starts out at $26,917 to be very affordable.

Toyota SiennaIt appears we are going to start with a bang as the upgraded Sienna is a great minivan.  This new van offers more features a much nicer interior and gives you a very quiet cabin while offering a smooth ride.  At $26,636 the Sienna is sure to give you much of that back when its trade in time.

Ford Transit ConnectAt $26,228 the Transit Connect is not your typical minivan.  This van is a bit taller and offers a much more engaged driving than some of the others, partly because it’s used as a delivery vehicle in many cases.  This beauty has the ability to bring home a whole weekend project for you to do.

Kia SedonaThe Sedona has been on the rise and even though Kia is no longer viewed as a bargain basement brand the Sedona still has a nice price at $25,669.  The engine is powerful and efficient and the van has room for seven to enjoy the connectivity and comfort that are included all at this price.

Nissan QuestThe Quest is one of the largest minivans on the market and as such gives you more space and cargo room than the rest.  At a price of $25,493 you and your passengers will be able to enjoy the features and storage you can find in this excellent minivan full of space and stuff that you want to enjoy.

Nissan RogueIt appears we may have run out of minivans; now onto the SUVs.  The Rogue is a nice compact SUV that offers three rows of seats making it more like a large three row sedan than an SUV.  The starting price of $23,164 is very enticing and the features offered make this a very good choice.

Mitsubishi OutlanderThis is the larger of the Outlanders and it does come with the third row.  The Outlander also offers micron filtration, hill start assist, traction and stability control, seven air bags and a great warranty all at the price of $22,424.  Add a few other features for only a little more and fall in love.

Dodge Journey This is the least expensive SUV on the list and it offers storage bins under the second row of seats and some great controls in the steering wheel even though it has a low price.  The third row is not standard but can be added and when the starting price is only $21,420 it’s not hard to add in at all.

Dodge Grand CaravanWe couldn’t leave this one of the list and at the starting price of $21,214 the Grand Caravan is a very reasonably priced minivan.  This has been one of the favorites for many years and the most sold minivan every.  With a powerful V6, Stow ‘n Go storage and much more  to offer you.

Mazda 5The Mazda 5 is the smallest minivan on this list but it is also the most affordable vehicle we have to offer.  At $20,321 to start this minivan can be a great choice with its amazing driving dynamics from Mazda and the cargo flexibility you want.  With 2015 being the last year for this minivan you should be able find one at a great price.

So many great vehicles with three rows at excellent prices.  When you have to include a third row, this list is the sensible place to start and get some fun on the road even in the minivans.  Overall, the minivans actually offer the most value because they are built specifically for a growing family to enjoy and continue to grow with.