How Do You Charge Your Tesla?

In Technology, Tesla by Blaine Traber

Tesla motors has been at the forefront of the electrically powered vehicle evolution bringing us a lineup of cars that are all powered only by electricity and give a large range of that power.  With this range you can easily make it up to 200 miles each day after a full overnight charging is completed.  As Tesla continues to find new and better ways to give us the range we want from the awesome lineup of cars.  Now, in an effort to make the charging of your Tesla model much easier and more efficient Tesla Motors has come up with a new way to get the job done.

Of course you can install the 240V charging station in your home and have your Tesla charged in only a few hours or for longer charge times you can stick with the 120V of most plugs, but this would be the least efficient way to charge your new Tesla car.  In order to have the car ready for your driving each day you need the 240V charging station, which can be plugged in by you in an area that looks much like the fuel port of gas powered vehicles.

Tesla doesn’t have a gasoline backup for their vehicles, which makes the charging that much more important each day in order to provide you with the power you need to last all day long.  Why they don’t have the gasoline backup is because of their own confidence and arrogance.  The ideal for Tesla Motors is to have their lineup powered by the most effective and efficient battery setup, which for the Tesla models encompasses the entire floorboard of the car.  This gives the car better balance than it otherwise would have and provides a low center of gravity to make the car perform even better.

As for the charging, Tesla has now created a robotic arm that can reach out and detect the charging port when open and plug itself in.  This robot arm is made to be the best way to plug in and power up the vehicle.  This device was promised by Tesla at the beginning of the year and was expected to be a reality sometime before the end of the year in order to give us a contraption that looks like it belongs in an Iron Man movie or attached to some villainous creature.

Although word about whether or not this robotic arm will actually make it to production, it’s a really cool device and makes the charging of your car a nearly hands free activity so you can get your car ready for the next day.  As customers of Tesla pay higher prices for their cars that are full of amazing luxury and awesome features, a charging system such as this can only mean more success and more intrigue for Tesla.  Once the robot arm charging system becomes an item that is sold to the public it might have to come with a warning, but until then it’s another item we can all admire and be envious of.