Veloster Rally Edition

The Veloster Continues to shout “Look at Me”

In Car News, Hyundai, Make, Reviews, Sports Car, Style by CQ Livingston

The Veloster came into existence from Hyundai in 2012 and offered a whole different look and a performance that was supposed to be on par with the Ford Fiesta ST.  Unfortunately the car did not get the reaction that was expected from the masses and this car was not as easy to drive as the Fiesta ST making it difficult to make any real comparison.  After only three years of taking punches from those who were negative toward the Veloster, Hyundai finally has introduced a model that is expected to have a new look and better reaction from the public in the all new Rally Edition of the Veloster.

Looking from the inside out, you can see the 2016 model of the Veloster offers an interior full of great materials and awesome features.  The racing seats get a blue trimming on them to match the paint job on the outside and allow this car to look like an actual racing competitor instead of another plain car that would not get a second look at most tracks and street races. This along with the variety of controls and active features that make the Veloster Rally Edition the right choice give you a ton to enjoy from the driver’s seat.

Other interior features to note include the 450 watt dimension sound system that pumps your favorite music through eight speakers, the rearview camera and a panoramic sunroof.  A notable and unique feature on this little car is the third door that gives you access to the back seat with ease.  The backseat is a bit tight, but the front is plenty spacious to make it easy for you to be comfortable when driving this car.  The cargo area offers a 15.5 cubic foot trunk in order to make sure there is plenty of room to carry your gear where you need to go.

Powering the Rally Edition is a 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces 201 horsepower and 195 lb.-ft. of torque.  This doesn’t make it more powerful that the other models, but the fact that this max power can be had at 1,750 rpm the Rally Edition reaches power much sooner than the other models.  One benefit to this lower power is the fact the Veloster weighs in at only 2,877 pounds and even though that is a bit more than the Fiesta ST, the car can really move and get the driving done that you want.

One of the major improvements for the Veloster Rally Edition is the improved driving dynamics.  This car has thicker sway bars, stiffer springs and firmed up dampers which are all in place to help give the car a much firmer ride and let it be more under control throughout the run and give it confidence in the corners.  Adding to the steering the B&M short throw shifter is added and makes it feel more active and engaged that the previous Veloster models.  All these control features give us a better drive and one that builds plenty of confidence while you are on the road.

The only transmission offered is a six-speed manual that professionally handles all the power to give a great ride and make you know the car is feeling as if it is one with you while on the drive.  The look from the outside gives you the factory matte blue paint job that has become a signature part of the Veloster.  This finish is actually made to hide some of the dust and dirt that can often show up otherwise making it a great car that can be truly enjoyed on the road.

Add in the carbon-fiber side skirts and 18-inch RAYS wheels and you have a car that is nothing short of exciting.  This Rally Edition of the Veloster should certainly make for a car that will gain a much better reception and a bigger following for this new model year as these cars begin to make it to showrooms for you to see what they have to offer.  As a uniquely designed and enticing sports car the Veloster is made to let your imagination run wile and the shaping and design can certainly do that for you.