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2016 Buick Enclave: Still a Great Choice

In Buick, Car News by Blaine Traber

The current generation of the Buick Enclave is nearly a decade old, which is really surprising for this particular vehicle and brand.  The Enclave is the largest of the Buick SUVs on the market and offers outstanding space, driving characteristics and features to ensure your family will enjoy the ride and be able to bring along all the gear you …

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Sporty gets Fun with the 2016 Audi TT

In Audi, Car News, Make, Reviews by Carl Durrek

The 2016 model year is extremely special for the Audi TT.  First of all this marks the beginning of the third generation for the TT and brings in the new “virtual cockpit” which gives the car an entirely digital instrument panel that not only shows what is going on with the car, but also offers information from Google Earth satellite …

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When You Need Three Rows

In Dodge, Ford, Honda, Kia, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota by CQ Livingston

Most of us are not going to buy a vehicle with three rows of seats unless they need them.  Especially in world where larger vehicles are becoming less popular unless they are completely required.  The third row of seats means you have more wheelbase length, possibly less elbow room and in many SUVs a lot less cargo space.  These vehicles …

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How Do You Charge Your Tesla?

In Technology, Tesla by Blaine Traber

Tesla motors has been at the forefront of the electrically powered vehicle evolution bringing us a lineup of cars that are all powered only by electricity and give a large range of that power.  With this range you can easily make it up to 200 miles each day after a full overnight charging is completed.  As Tesla continues to find …

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Continuing the Plug-In Movement

In BMW, Car News, Luxury, Make, Style, Technology by Admin

Can you imagine a time when a plug-in hybrid model will be the top of the performance lineup for BMW?  It’s on the way but I wonder why.  BMW has offered their sedans as awesome and athletic cars for all to fully enjoy the ride for many years.  The M3 and M4 have been the standard by which other automakers …