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Samsung Joins The Automotive Competition

In Car News, Technology by Sara Dean

Many electronic companies have been coming out of the woodworks lately announcing ventures in the automotive industry. From Google and Apple, to Uber and Android Auto, various companies that we never dreamed would have interest in the auto industry have poked their head out of the ground claiming their stake in the market. AT&T, Verizon, and a number of unusual suspects have made bold announcements making their intentions clear. Now there is another player in the game; Samsung.

Samsung has filed a number of patents since 2010. They have filed 600 patents, which is a much larger than competitors who on average, have only registered around 100 patents each. It seems that they have sped up numerous patents in order to protect their ideas for the automotive industry. Last month, Samsung stepped up its production of the EV battery. In February, Samsung acquired Canadian auto parts maker Magna International, insinuating there may be an interest in building a car.

Samsung has provided its EV battery to Bayerische Motoren W, and will expand its battery to BMW for the X5 plug in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). From 1990 through 2014, Samsung has patented 3,094 automotive related ideas, which are mostly related to an electric vehicle battery, and hydrogen powered fuel cell technology.

With alternative energy, electric vehicles, and hybrid electric vehicles taking center stage, it is a pretty good bet that you will see Samsung emerge from the waters in near future months. Whether their intentions are to stick to fueling and powering the vehicles, or to create a vehicle of their own, possibly autonomous like Google, Apple, or Uber is yet to be determined. One thing’s for sure, Samsung is making their stake in the market.