New Golf SportWagen

The New Golf SportWagen Makes a Great Choice

In Compact, Make, Style, Volkswagen by Carl Durrek

When car shopping the two largest segments that are reviewed and shopped for these days are the sedans, which is a no-brainer, and the SUVs, which have been developed to replace most minivans and give so much more functionality and performance while giving a lot of great space than minivans.  These two segments are separated by the fact that one cannot easily be the other and you as a shopper have to choose which is going to suit your needs the most.  Instead of having to choose, there is a car that fits between the two and gives you a vehicle that gives you the versatility of an SUV in the size of a sedan the Volkswagen Golf SportWagen may be the right choice for you.

Putting the SportWagen between sedans and SUV is mostly a stretch as there are plenty of sedans that are larger than this car, but calling it an elongated hatchback really doesn’t do it justice.  The Golf SportWagen is made to give you the added space needed to carry a whole family along with an optional roof rack to make this a car that will be fun to take on any weekend excursion or for a full vacation.

As one of the many Golf variants, the SportWagen is offered with either a standard engine or a diesel one with the diesel providing significantly more torque.  Even though it’s a Golf, it’s not a GTI and the suspension is much less aggressive, giving a great balance between body control and ride comfort without having the added harshness needed to be sporty.  You can really think of the SportWagen as the laid back model in the Golf lineup, which allows you to really enjoy the pleasure cruise but also makes it easy to enter traffic quickly.

When you step into the Golf SportWagen you can fit passengers that are at least six feet tall in the back seat just as easily as in the front seat.   This car is roomy, full of excellent equipment and features and fun to drive.  As a smooth player the SportWagen gives you a drive that is nearly as elegant as some luxury cars will provide from their technological advancements.  This vehicle does balance the “sport” in its name with an aggressive forward leaning athletic stance which is highly attractive while driving on the road, which gives you pride in the car you are driving and not the feeling of embarrassment that can typically be associated with owning a wagon or minivan.

Volkswagen certainly found its way to a fantastic model car to give us vehicle that has more versatility than a hatchback or sedan and a larger back truck area than either as well.  When you aren’t in need of a vehicle  that is as large as an SUV but still want the added space this car offers, the SportWagen gives you one of the best choices in the automotive industry.  This car is meant for cruising and enjoying a smooth and easy ride on the road while you head out to your next great destination.