1986 Toyota 4Runner SR5

Further Proof that Toyotas Hold Value

In Car News, Make, Offbeat, Style, SUV, Toyota by CQ Livingston

We rarely take a look at Jalopnik’s stories about individual vehicles they find on the internet for sale. It’s a great series that’s fun to read, but the posts are rarely “hard hitting news” or anything other than a highlighting fluff piece about something they found on eBay or Craigslist. This time, they caught our attention.

The key was the price versus the year. The listing they posted was about a 1986 Toyota 4Runner SR5. The price is $8,000. Some could say that it’s a classic, but you won’t see it at many auto shows. It’s the type of vehicle that is perfect for a handful of people who see the beauty and novelty of this 30-year-old ride.

That alone wasn’t enough to make us think twice. It wasn’t until we scrolled down to the votes that we realized just how impressive it really is. After several thousand votes on the price, it was a dead heat – 50/50. One might think that this is something that would only be appealing at that price for someone who is a true enthusiast, but with half of the voters believing that the price is righteous, it acts as further proof that the Toyota brand is trusted and that their value perception is high.

It comes from a Craiglist ad in Oregon. Portland Toyota dealers have known for some time that the region loves a good SUV regardless of the age and the brand is extremely popular amongst locals. With one as clean as this one, we would anticipate it will easily sell at that price.

What does this tell us about Toyota? Even at 30-years-old, a well-maintained 4Runner is sought after by many. How many ‘86 Explorers or Trailblazers do you see on the road, let alone selling at this price? Exactly.