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Further Proof that Toyotas Hold Value

In Car News, Make, Offbeat, Style, SUV, Toyota by CQ Livingston

We rarely take a look at Jalopnik’s stories about individual vehicles they find on the internet for sale. It’s a great series that’s fun to read, but the posts are rarely “hard hitting news” or anything other than a highlighting fluff piece about something they found on eBay or Craigslist. This time, they caught our attention. The key was the …

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17 Chinese Automobiles You Probably Never Knew Existed

In Car News, Offbeat by Nathan Ehinger

We all know about the mainstream brands and where they typically hang their hats. With the global market become more connected than ever it easy to find a ton of great vehicles all over the planet sharing a similar badge or a similar architecture when companies have joined forces to create a specific platform. What we don’t know about or …