1970 Dodge Charger Black

A Pictorial Ode to the 1970 Dodge Charger

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When The Fast and the Furious first opened in theaters in 2001, it was a surprise hit. Most didn’t expect a low budget film about street racing to come out of the gates with a $40 million opening weekend (huge numbers 14 years ago), especially with a couple of rising but relatively unknown stars. That sounds small considering the most recent installment just broke $1 billion in 17 days, but considering the original had a budget of around $38 million total, it was considered a huge success.

Naysayers didn’t expect two things: the film was pretty darn good and the trailer concluded with the stunning crash of a 1970 Dodge Charger.

The movie went on to spawn six sequels to date and various Dodges has played prominent roles throughout. Now, there’s an increased interest in the original 1970, so we’re here to ride that wave. Our entry for 5 Pics or Less this week were selected by Pensacola Dodge. There’s no better place for getting Dodge information than from a Dodge dealership in Alabama. Image credits below.

1970 Dodge Charger Front

1970 Dodge Charger Blue

1970 Dodge Charger Show Car

1970 Dodge Charger Rear

Image Credits: 1970HemiCharger, EVAWalls, BlowUpBiz, DownshiftAutos

The Fast and the Furious trailer: