2015 Ford F-150 Super Crew

Ford Really Does Sell a lot of Trucks!

In Ford, Make, Style, Truck by Carl Durrek

Whether you think it’s obvious or another cheap marketing ploy, the truth is Ford has sold more trucks than any other company ever. The F-150 is the best-selling truck on the planet and why not, it’s loaded with awesome features and is covered in the aluminum body that makes it one of the most amazing new trucks on the road today. The F-150 with this new body metal has become one of the most fuel efficient trucks on the road and still maintains its position as a very powerful truck. But we aren’t discussing what the F-150 is as much as how many have been sold in this article.

Ford had their best month selling trucks to date in January 2015 since 2004. That is a long run and having this particular month at the top is a bit surprising. Considering the holidays had just passed and many people still had to pay off their credit card bills and tax returns weren’t expected until later in the year, this month normally would not have impressed anyone, but instead was the record selling month for trucks for Ford with 54,370 trucks sold.

Why is 2004 really a significant comparison? Because 2004 was an all-time record setting year for the F-Series truck in terms of sales and with a record setting month, Ford is off to a great start that will maybe have them ahead of their best year in 2004. Since Ford is still not even at its full capacity for the F-Series trucks, this could mean an enormous break ahead of the truck sales from the 2004 record year.

As a comparison to the other truck manufacturers, the F-Series sold more than the Rams sold by 25,752 and outsold the GM models of the GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado combined. It seems the new body metal and better fuel mileage are being noticed and many truck buyers are selecting the F-Series for their truck of choice. Another factor can be the wide range of trims that Ford has always offered on its trucks. The F-Series trucks are offered in nearly ten trim levels giving shoppers a great deal of choices to select from and find the right truck for themselves.

Just because Ford outsold all the competition does not mean the others had a sluggish month of January at all. In fact, Ram has a sales increase of 14.1% the Sierra was up 13.5% and the Silverado was up 24.8%. The only major player who was down was the Titan with dropped 12.7% probably due to the need for a new generation which will come out in the 2016 model year.

Another key note of interest, even the highest trim levels of the King Ranch and Platinum F-150 only spend 9-10 days on a dealer lot before being sold. That is some serious selling, especially at the higher trim levels letting all of us know the F-Series trucks really are selling like hotcakes this year.