2016 Chevrolet Spark

The New Generation of the Spark is Here

In Car News, Chevrolet, Concept, Green Cars, Make, Previews, Style by Nathan Ehinger

When you hear the name Chevrolet Spark what comes to mind? First the huge, oversized headlights next may be the cartoon-like appearance of the car and certainly there is the small size that looks like it would crush like aluminum can in a crash. With this new generation of the Spark starting, GM has announced the Spark is seventeen percent more powerful than the last generation, which would normally be a big deal, but might not be so much in a tiny car that only had 84 horsepower to start with.

The style of the new Spark is much better than before. The car is shorter than the previous model which might feel like it would cut down on headroom, but the seats were also lowered in order to ensure the headroom would not suffer. The headlights are finally the right size for the car, no longer taking up the entire front end like a wide-eyed child. The space inside is plentiful, as it always has been, seeming to be the Mary Poppins Bag of minicars. With all these changes and Spark is no longer “cute” but much more masculine overall and ready to take on the road.

Even with the new looks, this is still a four-seat minicar that asks for a small price tag and is a great car for students or those just starting out. Miami Chevrolet informs us that the Spark is now outfitted with the OnStar with 4G LTE data and Wi-Fi, along with rear parking sensors, a backup camera a new touch screen seven inch MyLink infotainment screen that actually works with the buttons and knobs onboard (a huge improvement over the last generation), and a new LCD digital gauge cluster. Having these awesome features aboard makes the car feel less like a cheap automobile and more like a very enjoyable car with lots to offer.

Ok, now we must talk some power. The Spark will now feature 98 horsepower which still isn’t much, but it’s much better than the 84 that was on the previous model. This horsepower is obtained from the 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine. The new Spark can achieve highway fuel mileage over 40 mpg when driven properly, but is rated at 31 city/39 hwy mpg making it one of the best cars to drive for those who need to enjoy some great fuel economy in a car full of great features.

Not only did the technology become improved and the overall looks upgraded but the safety was also improved. All Spark models now feature ten airbags along with blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, and forward collision warning all as part of a standard package. The car can also be fitted with rollover detection and mitigation and stability controls for even more safety. The body is all new and much stiffer to give better handling than ever and the car has been rated in a rollover (in case one does happen) at a total of 4.2 times the overall weight of the vehicle in a roof-crush safety crash.

With all the changes that have taken place, the Spark continues to be a favorite among students and young people just starting out. Adding more power and better overall looks makes the Spark even more attractive, which may very well expand its market and target audience.