Mansory DBS

Ask Mansory how to improve an Aston Martin DBS

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When you see an Aston Martin DBS it looks, drives, sounds and feels like perfection on the road and at the track. There is not much to think is wrong or could be improved upon for such a high end and high performance car, unless you talk to the team at Mansory. Mansory is a German based company that has a British heritage and works to turn great cars, such as the Aston Martin DBS into even better and more iconic cars. Dubbed the evil twins, this company finds ways to upgrade what already seems like the best in their class of the high performance machinery.

Even though the Aston Martin version of the DBS is full of carbon-fiber element and features that make it fast, high performing and one of the best cars on the planet, the folks at Mansory have some innovative technology to help improve these elements. They utilize pre-impregnated carbon-fiber materials and an autoclave to create high strength carbon components in just about any shape the same way fiberglass can be molded to a variety of shapes. This has turned out to be on heck of a chance for all of us to fully enjoy.

To go along with the additional carbon-fiber elements, the Mansory DBS has a performance enhancement from the new exhaust system, intake manifold, ECU re-calibration and the performance oriented catalytic converters. Even though the overall horsepower increase isn’t much, full power is reached at a much lower rpm for both horsepower and torque, making it much faster and giving it a full benefit of the awesome power much sooner than the Aston model.

On the inside the changes are slight, adding Mansory badges to specific areas of the car and bathing it in all black to give it a much more sinister look than before which allows the Mansory DBS to be the Aston Martin evil twin. All said, the upgrades and ability to gain this slight but significant addition in power is limited to those with the cash to pay for one of these, which are extremely expensive, and the need to have much more power either for the track or out on the autobahn. Many of these cars may not even see much of the road, being saved to be admired, which would certainly be a pity as they are made to run hard on the open road.

What else is Mansory up to? With their advancements in carbon-fiber use they should have no problem changing amount of carbon-fiber on many other high end cars as well as continuing to add the awesome upgrades they offer in order to reach maximum power much sooner than on the stock models of the exotics of the world. No doubt their applications could prove useful on racing circuits around the world.