2015 Shelby GT Red

What are the Details of the Shelby GT?

In Car News, Ford, Make, Reviews, Sports Car by Nathan Ehinger

Whether you have loved the Mustang or you simply admire it from afar putting your allegiance somewhere else, the history of Shelby American and the Mustangs they have reproduced to be some of the most dynamic and highest performing Mustangs on the road has been one of glory, prestige and (dare I say it) legend. With that thought in mind the newest twist in the story is actually very interesting, the GT350 was brought in house at Ford and not given to Shelby for reproduction. This left Shelby America to need to produce a different model, which they did appropriately named the Shelby GT.

The Shelby GT has a ton of great additional details for all of us to fully appreciate and enjoy. Starting with the parts that can be seen from the outside the car has a unique hood with functional hood vents, a new front splitter, new rocker panels, a two-piece rear diffuser, new deck lid, improved trunk spoiler, better mirror covers and a more aggressive hood extension. All of these parts were constructed of ultra-strong carbon fiber to reduce the weight of the car. This carbon fiber was not a blend; it is actually the same that is used on high-tech aircraft and Formula One cars.

Other new features include aluminum upper and lower grills, and badging all over the car that ensures this car is not confused with the GT that Ford has brought in house to build although the nod to Ford is evident with the “Powered by Ford” badge on the front fenders that replaces the 5.0 emblem. The Shelby name continues to the interior of the car as well and a new carbon-fiber dashboard is in place to continue the carbon–fiber theme of the car.

Of course all the cosmetic in the world don’t help if the car can’t go as fast as we would like it to. The Shelby GT shows up with a “Coyote” 5.0 V8 engine which is where the engine build began. This engine is was built with a partnership with Ford Racing and offers two Ford Racing supercharges on the engine along with a Borla high performance exhaust that has a stainless-steel oval tips at the end which was specially designed to fit the Shelby GT. This all creates a monster of power which comes out at 627 horsepower and 500 lb.-ft. of torque to be fully enjoyed.

Because of all these modifications, the Shelby GT will actually outperform some models that have much more horsepower than this car. The lighter weight and increased power give this car a distinct advantage on the road and track to take on and beat many other cars. With this in mind, the control systems have been enhanced to the point of overconfidence, which is awesome as you can get behind the wheel of the Shelby GT and know you are going to outrun the Hellcats and Corvettes that come to play in your yard.