What is a Truck

Trucks! What are They Good For?

In Style, SUV, Truck by Nathan Ehinger

Even though the title may bring the lyrics to the song “War” to your mind, it’s important to understand what trucks are for and what they are not for. For whatever reason, many people seem to think brining their truck or large SUV to the track, when it’s not set up for the track, is a great idea.

While NASCAR does have its Camping World Truck Series which is full of trucks racing around the track, the average truck is not set up to perform on a track at all and will eventually have some negative results when riding around the track.

What Trucks Are Meant To Do

Trucks and SUV’s have been part of Americana for many decades and offer a way for us to tow, haul or handle a great deal of freight. Trucks in particular have gained a popularity and a following throughout the years that have seen many honor brand loyalty above much else when it comes to trucks. With this nearly cult type of following many have felt their trucks are capable of just about anything and SUVs have made this feeling worse by being lower and smoother with the ride.

Trucks and SUVs are made to haul people and gear, They should be used to slowly travel over trails and head off road but only if properly equipped. They have had a ton of great uses over the years including their most important task, helping us get the job done and done right. For years towing capacity, power and torque where the major factors when buying a truck now the concern is also fuel efficiency and truck manufacturers have answered the bell perfectly for this concern as well. Owning a truck can give you a sense of pride knowing you can help where needed because your truck is built to do the job.

What Trucks Are Not Meant To Do

While we would all love our vehicles to be race worthy the simple reality is trucks and SUVs, especially when they haven’t been properly fitted for it, are not meant to be on a race track. In general they sit higher and offer little downforce and aerodynamics. This combination means these vehicles have a much higher center of gravity and therefore will be more likely to roll when taking a turn at high speeds. Turns are fine in a truck or SUV, but done carefully and at lower speeds, rather than at high speeds that the truck may not recover from easily.

As highly capable machines that are meant to be beasts of burden for our use in getting work done it’s almost a shame to alter a truck or SUV to be anything else. It’s even more of a shame to take a truck or SUV on a track and think it is going to perform well, especially when it reaches turns that could put the vehicle in danger of rolling over. If you own a truck or SUV, stay away from the track and take your vehicle out to the woods and enjoy the off road capabilities instead of feeling like it needs to be a racer, not all vehicles are meant to do so.