Harley-Davidson LiveWire

Going Green with a Motorcycle

In Car News, Motorcycle, Racing, Style by Rocco Penn

For those who love the feeling of riding a motorcycle, but are also concerned about the planet and want to have one that run on electricity instead of gas there may be an available option in the very near future. Harley-Davidson has tested and shown their electric powered gem called the LiveWire which runs entirely on electricity.

For a long time, as the electric cars and other vehicles have been produced to answer the call of those who complained about rising gas prices and showed the desire for cars that helped to protect our planet’s resources. Cars and SUV’s have been produced in droves to answer this calling but the motorcycle industry always seemed to be left behind. Whether this was caused by the average fuel efficiency found in motorcycles or the fact so many bikers want to feel and hear the grumble and growl of a high-powered gasoline engine is still a mystery, but Harley-Davidson has finally made a bike that will make any rider proud.

The LiveWire, which was introduced in June 2014, shows up with a 3-Phase AC electric motor that will be mounted in front of the steering controls. This placement allows a rider to feel they are hugging the bike, a feeling many riders enjoy and some would have to get used to. This engine will allow the motorcycle to run for up to 52 miles and only requires three hours to charge from empty. This power plant will produce up to 70 horsepower and 52 lb.-ft. of torque. One consideration many riders will fully enjoy is the aggressive acceleration which allows the LiveWire to reach sixty mpg in less than four seconds and have a top speed of nearly ninety mph. With this acceleration and range, along with the short charging time the LiveWire is a motorcycle many can use to commute on the more pleasant days of the year or enjoy a very nice weekend ride in the country.

Currently, if Harley-Davidson were to produce the LiveWire it would carry a price tag of nearly $50,000 which is why it’s not ready to go to production as of yet according to COO Matt Levatich. The goal is to bring the price down to the $25,000 to $35,000 range before releasing it for sale and putting it to mass production.

Other than the price, the LiveWire is a motorcycle to be excited about. With a quick charging time, aggressive acceleration and a respectable top speed Harley- Davidson has shown the industry excellence in engineering and given us a taste of a bike for the future that will proudly prowl the streets. With a few more tweaks and a lower price tag the LiveWire may have many current motorcycle owners ready to trade in their old ride for a new LiveWire and enjoy the savings of not having to fill the gas tank on a regular basis. Until the production becomes a reality we will just have to wait with bated breath and hope Harley-Davidson figures out this dilemma to be able to offer the LiveWire as a real electric motorcycle option.