Aston Martin GT3 Special Edition

Whoa Baby!!! The Aston Martin GT3 Special Edition is Something Else

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The Vantage has made its way into the hearts, minds and dreams of many who want to have a high performance, high powered, exotic sports car parked in their driveway. For many growing up, and in several garages around the world, posters have been placed on walls of the Aston Martin Vantage. With its classic good looks, a style that just screams speed and huge race car features this car has given more than one of us a smiling wakeup as we dream what it might be like to drive and race one of these amazing machines.

With the recent unveiling of the new Vantage GT3 Special Edition the Vantage has now taken things to the next level. This car has always been the signature car for Aston Martin and with the new features aboard the GT3 Special Edition that trend will easily be able to continue with a complete melding of the “motorsport knowledge and road car prowess” according to Dr. Andy Palmer, CEO of Aston Martin.1

This new British sports car continues to carry forth an engine that makes us all get excited and adds a feeling of adrenaline to any car conversation. The engine shows up as a 6.0-liter V12 engine which brings in a monstrous 600 horsepower. Add the fact this version of the Vantage will be lighter than the Vantage S and the car is seriously built to perform at the top level. The weight difference between the two models is a surprising 220 pounds bringing the GT3 Special Edition in at a svelte 3450 pounds which allows it to reach 60 mph in less than 3.5 seconds. These stats make the GT3 Special Edition the second fastest accelerating offering ever from Aston Martin behind only the One-77.

With a style that has every inch of the body built to either add to the speed with cutting edge aerodynamics, help provide the downforce needed to keep this beast stuck firmly on the road, or to give the airflow to the engine needed to cool the heat factory, the Vantage is gorgeous and awe-inspiring from every vantage point (no pun intended). With a wide array of top-of-the line instrumentation aboard, the Vantage GT3 Special Edition offers the driver the ability to know what is happening under the body of the car and be able to drive this awesome sports machine to the limits of reason and back.

With its unique design, the Vantage lineup does not offer an overly done body structure that can sometimes be a turnoff from some of the higher end Italian makers (yeah right). Instead the simple lines and curves that are accentuated by some racing colors and features give the Vantage an almost classic appearance that gives us a tough choice of which version to purchase. The function and style that are so easily melded together to offer the most synergistic appearance possible makes the Vantage a truly unique sports car.

Not only is the styling exceptional, the car has a wider stance than before and lowered it to make it more track worthy. This is now the lowest and widest Vantage on the market and gives driver’s the control they desire in order to feel fully confident they can take this car to the limits and not lose control. With only 100 of these Aston Martin Vantage GT3 Special Editions to be made, the car will cost nearly $383,000 (I guess I will have to find out what the price of a poster for my wall will cost) making it a great addition to any exotic car collection.