2017 BMW M5

Sneak Peak: 2017 BMW M5

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With a complete revolution in the making for the BMW cars the M5 shows off new looks and structure for the future of the BMW cars. This prototype is the successor that will take the series by storm with more carbon fiber body panels which are currently in place on the i3 and i8. This new modular platform which is already being dubbed 35up will show up during the 2016 year as the 2017 model.

This new platform will show up this year in the next generation of the 7-Series from BMW giving us a look into what to expect going forward from this amazing automaker. With this dubbing of the 35up the goal is to add all the design and performance improvements across the entire lineup from the 3-Series on up. One of the main strategies for this platform change is to improve the overall fuel efficiency of the entire line by offering cars that are lighter with carbon fiber materials in the body panels.

The loss in weight for the new 5-Series is expected to be around 220 pounds which would bring the car in around 3,300 pounds overall. This would make this the lightest 5-Series model ever and keep the proportions desired in a great BMW product. A much better fuel efficiency is expected to go along with this loss of weight while keeping these excellent proportions, making the new BMW lineup better than any we have seen before.

The final design will come from the current F10/F11 generation and continue to let drivers enjoy the soft round designs that are currently in place and enjoyed by many who love their BMW’s right now. The M5 will offer a very updated and refreshed design for 2017 allowing the M5 to be the leader for the new lineup and offer a look at what is expected to be a fantastic new design.

The M5 will not be the only part of the new 5-Series to gain the new design elements; the 5-Series sedan will see new versions along with the Touring Wagon and the Gran Turismo. This will give the entire lineup a new look and performance within the first twelve months after the sedan enters the market.

Even with all the design elements made to create a lighter vehicle the power will come from a selection of 2.0-liter four cylinder and 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engines that are powered by either gasoline or diesel along with a hybrid version. This will give the new 5-Series lineup a great deal of performance and fuel efficiency for all owners to take advantage of with the new model. Of course the M5 will have to be even better for 2017 and show up with an amazing turbocharged V8, but that is still to be discussed and seen.

With this sneak peak into the new lineup of cars from BMW, letting the 5-Series lead the way will give BMW a baseline to develop the rest of their lineup of cars to gain the new 35up features and stylings. If you love BMW, these changes should get you excited for what is to come in the very near future.