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A Kia Concept Car to Get Sports Car Lovers Excited

In Concept, Kia, Make, Style by Blaine Traber

Kia has become well-known for offering affordable vehicles that appeal to those on a mid-level income because they are full of excellent features to enjoy and come at a price many can afford. Even with this success, Kia has started to see a need to move into its next phase and enter into the sports car realm by offering a …

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A Rider Friendly Power Horse from Ducati

In Car News, Motorcycle, Racing, Style by CQ Livingston

As a long time trusted and revered name in motorcycle design and performance Ducati has a history of making some of the most sought after and marveled at motorcycles the world has seen. Only rivaled in success by Harley-Davidson, Ducati offers speed and performance in its creations on a regular basis to the point many riders one at least one …

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How About Some V12 Comparisons?

In Bentley, Car News, Exotic, Luxury, Mercedes, Reviews, Rolls-Royce, Sedan, Style by Blaine Traber

At the point of luxury where only a few are able to go resides some cars that offer their owners the most luxurious interiors, outstanding style on the outside and performance that often can only be matched by the super furious super cars. Three of these awesome cars are the Bentley Flying Spur, Mercedes-Benz S600 and Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II, …

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Sneak Peak: 2017 BMW M5

In BMW, Car News, Luxury, Make, Previews, Style by Blaine Traber

With a complete revolution in the making for the BMW cars the M5 shows off new looks and structure for the future of the BMW cars. This prototype is the successor that will take the series by storm with more carbon fiber body panels which are currently in place on the i3 and i8. This new modular platform which is …

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The 2015 Bentley Mulsanne Speed in 5 Pics or Less

In 5 Pics or Less, Bentley, Car News, Exotic, Luxury, Make, Style by Carl Durrek

As cars go, the Bentley Mulsanne Speed is unfair. It’s bigger than most cars. It’s more luxurious than most cars. It’s faster than most cars. Having it on our 5 Pics or Less section is about as fair as having Andrew Luck at a high school quarterbacks’ combine. Nevertheless, here it is with the five images we believe exemplify it …

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2015 Land Rover LR4: An Angry Off Roader Full of Luxury

In Car News, Land Rover, Make, Reviews, Style, SUV by Blaine Traber

Heading off the paved paths can be an adventure in many vehicles. Finding yourself enjoying the many wonderments of nature such as quiet valleys, rolling hills, majestic mountains and a plethora of views that simply cannot be had from a paved road can recharge your senses and make you really appreciate everything around you. In order to enjoy these great …

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Feature Highlight: Rear Parking Assist

In Car News, Safety, Technology by Blaine Traber

How bad would you feel if you were backing your vehicle up and hit a child? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) over 6,000 people are injured by vehicles when they are backing up and of these more than 2,400 are children. As a response to this and to increase the safety of vehicles Rear Parking Assist …