2015 Aston Martin DB9

Highest Priced Luxury Vehicles for 2015 (Part 1)

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When luxury vehicles are spoken of, thoughts head to high end leather seating, dual or tri-zone climate controls, outstanding safety features, and an amazing amount of power and precision. If money where not a consideration, what luxury vehicles would be chosen to offer any owner the highest level of luxury features and equipment as well as the most driving excitement possible.

With dreams of a high end precision luxury machine in mind, these are the top ten highest priced luxury vehicles for 2015 to enjoy.

Jaguar XK Series

2015 Jaguar XK Series Black

The XK Series from Jaguar shows up as a sporty and sleek luxury car that offers owners amazing ride control and a massive amount of power. The XK Series is filled with luxury features inside and can be had in a coupe or convertible form allowing owners to choose which feeling they would like to enjoy. The XK Series offers owners a 15 city/22 hwy mpg to enjoy staying out on the road for a long and exhilarating drive and comes into this list with an MSRP of $138,895.

Audi A8

2015 Audi A8

The A8 from Audi is the flagship luxury car that has it all. Safety features for driver information make the driver feel like they are in the cockpit of a plane, a ton of comfort features for all passengers to enjoy, a high end sound system and quiet cabin, as well as a fantastic amount of power and performance to make this awesome Audi a fun to drive and smooth ride on any road. The A8 offers a 14 city/22 hwy mpg of fuel efficiency and shows up with an MSRP of $140,125.

Nissan GT-R

2015 Nissan GT-R Racing

Maybe not considered a luxury car, but it should be; the Nissan GT-R offers a high-class sports car to the market that has the attention of many car enthusiasts. With its amazing power, control features, and huge brakes, this car screams down the road to offer an excitement that is not enjoyed in many other vehicles at all. The Nissan GT-R includes plenty of features and equipment to allow it to be considered a luxury car and shows up with a very nice fuel efficiency of 16 city/23 hwy mpg. The GT-R has already gained a huge following from the younger speedsters and has an MSRP of $151,585.

Aston Martin Vantage

2015 Aston Martin Vantage

Throwback meets innovation in the Vantage from Aston Martin. This awesome car is exactly what is thought of when the mention of precision automotive engineering is mentioned. The Vantage is well-knows as a fantastic luxury sports car that shows up with an amazing amount of power and precision control for anyone to fully enjoy. The Vantage offers a 12 city/18 hwy mpg of fuel mileage and can handle any canyon run with ease. The Vantage shows up with an MSRP of $187,820.

Aston Martin DB9

2015 Aston Martin DB9

The DB9 from Aston Martin shows off with classic sports car styling in an understated way. The DB9 doesn’t have to look as sporty as some of its Italian competition and even offers a hint of sophistication and elegance before it hits the road. The DB9 shows off with an amazing amount of power and control that gives owners the most driving excitement they could possible find just about anywhere. The DB9 has a 13 city/19 hwy mpg of fuel mileage and an MSRP of $202,820.

Sport and style have met luxury and refinement in these first five vehicles for this list. When money is no object, these are they kind of cars that are available to purchase, all offering the very best of their respective automaker to be the pride and joy of the manufacturers. Owners will appreciate the work and toil that has gone into these awesome cars by driving them for show and for needs on the roads enjoying the ride wherever the destination may be.