Tron Bike

Science Fiction Coming to Life with the Tron Bike

In Car News, Concept, Motorcycle by CQ Livingston

For Science Fiction nuts, the idea that a motorcycle that resembles the Tron bike is an amazing thought that will have them lining up to collect such an item. For others it may take some convincing, and several others may be thinking “what is Tron?” which makes perfect sense. Tron is a movie that was made and remade about characters that enter the world of Tron, which starts as just a video game. This movie brings to life the idea of being part of the game and having to follow specific codes along with showcasing some very cool bikes and weapons that appear to be futuristic.

Mark Parker of Parker Brothers Choppers has built a motorcycle that resembles the Tron Bike from the movie and offers a great ride that will have people stopping to stare regardless of if they have seen the movie or not. Mark has openly stated the stranger, weirder, and more unique a project is the more he and his brother enjoy working on the project and the Tron Bike is certainly one such project that shows up with a flair and gives the imagination a workout.

The Tron Bike was not fully inspired by just the Tron movie in which the bikes were called light cycles, but it was after the most recent Batman (Dark Knight Series) movie was released and they witnessed the motorcycles used in that movie where they gained the inspiration to build the Tron Bike. The Parker Brothers found out the motorcycles for the Batman movie were actually just CGIs and not real bikes which is what made them choose to go to work to build the Tron Bike which does fully appear to be very similar to the bikes from the actual movie.

Using a steel frame fiberglass body, the Tron Bike was born and is one of the first bikes ever with a completely hollow wheel area and what doesn’t even appear to be any part of the bike actually touching the road. With a slight hover over the road, the bike is large and has all controls on the front handle bars for the rider to easily be able to maneuver this bike. The Tron Bike is powered by petrol although there is an electric powered version as well and the bike can reach sixty mph in 3.4 seconds as well as boast a top speed of 130 mph.

If you think the Tron Bike looks like something out of the movies, it is. Made to resemble the movie bike in a variety of ways, the Parker Brothers outfitted one with dual gatling guns to show off the raw power that could be aboard this bike (and it looks really awesome too). The Tron Bike is a great example of what a little bit of imagination and a lot of engineering and inspiration will create. For those who would like a close look at the Tron Bike, follow the link below to view two great videos of the Tron Bike in action.